Alternate Character Customization

Just put this in but don't see any changes. On the plus side no crashes, but not working. It's mentioned earlier to try merging ASM files. I'm running a bunch of mods but as far as I know none change the customize_player.vpp_pc file
Is there any progress or plans to add the socks/stockings/belts from the SRTT version of this found here to the SR4 version? Quite a few people have asked on both threads.

Or can anyone find the files in the SRTT version mod (I tried to unpack str2_pc files and failed personally, kept coming up with regular tatoos, no stockings), and add them to this, giving credit/getting permission from JediDave ... or making them a different mod with customized meshes replacing other tatoos, etc? The stockings with customized colors were really terrific in the SRTT version.
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As far , as i can tell, texture layouts for layers that was used for all body decorations (like bandages, and ect, wich replaces by new textures in SR3 version of the mod) was totally changed in SR4. instead texture that covered full body, they now are tiny ones just to cover needed place :(
I like the tattoo changes. Unfortunately something in this file seems to cause issues with the romance scenes. Some cut off early, a lot have a mismatch between the audio and the characters mouths.
Is the mod author still around? Any chance we get the fully customisable installer including the fishnet tights/stockings like the SRTT counterpart has? :(
Okay, not gonna lie, i'm an idiot, but i kind of need help..

*Note* YES i do have the original steam version..

i downloaded this mod, put it in my cache folder and it crashes my game
i then downloaded the stream2update files from minimaul, i run the program and it constantly 'patches' it and finishes, yet i see no difference or the game crashes again, if i hover over the 'stream2update' program with the mod and run it like that, it crashes the executable with this error.


*EDIT* right, so it Works now, i had to clean reinstall the game and now it Works perfectly.
fair enough.
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@9Lives ,maybe install Quicksfv and make an sfv file of your game folder ,then u can easily check if any file has changed.
I think it's basically the same thing that steam does when verifying your game files but it can save time in certain situations if you kept copies of the original game files.

I know sometimes i would rather avoid the whole logging into steam thing ,especially with the 2-factor authentication.
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