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  1. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Additional Cheats for SRIV by IdolNinja v6

    This mod adds 160 new cheats to the game, as well as changing all cheats to non-flagging so they don't screw up your autosave.

    * WARNING! The table limit has been hit! No further entries can be added without removing existing ones to make room!

    Extract all cheats.xtbl files to your SRIV install folder:
    ..\steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV\


    Unlock Infinite Sprint - runfast
    Unlock Telekinesis - supertk
    Unlock Stomp - superstomp
    Unlock Blast - superblast
    Unlock Buff - superbuff
    Unlock Death From Above - superdfa
    Disable Super Movement - nosupermove
    Disable Super Powers - nosuperpowers
    Elevator to Heaven - fryhole
    Give $100,000 - cheese
    Clear Notoriety - goodygoody
    Player Vehicle Smash (any player car will crush other cars like a tank) - isquishyou
    Repair current vehicle - repaircar
    letsrock - Gives the following weapons (baseball bat, heavy pistol, heavy smg, semi-auto shotgun, automatic rifle, alien rpg and the mcmanus 2020)
    Give alien hover vehicle - givehovercar
    Give alien hover tank - givehovertank
    Give alien ufo - giveufo
    Unlock all unlockables - unlockitall
    Fast Forward - fastforward
    Give XOR (alien hoverbike) - givetrouble
    Give Monster Truck - givemonster
    ASCII Mode - ascii
    Disable Warden spawns - nowardens
    Instant Warden Notoriety - instantwarden
    Mascot Peds - mascot
    Pimps and Hos Peds - hohoho
    Insane City - insanecity
    Evil Cars - evilcars
    Disable Glitch FX - noglitchcity
    Big Head Mode - bigheadmode
    Invincible Player Vehicle - vroom



    Give XP - experience
    Low Gravity - gravitykills
    Giant Player - imhuge
    Tiny Player - ittybitty
    Player Pratfalls - ragdoll
    Super Saints - supersaints
    Super Explosions - bigbadaboom
    Hide HUD - hidehud
    Drunk Peds - dui
    Clear Skies - clearskiesweather
    Warden Weather - wardenweather


    Give Baseball Bat - givebaseball
    Give Penetrator - givepenetrator
    Give Stunner - givestunner
    Give Tentacle Bat - givetentacle
    Give Energy Sword - giveenergysword
    Give Heavy Pistol - giveheavypistol
    Give Quickshot Pistol - givequickshotpistol
    Give Alien Pistol - givealienpistol
    Give Heavy SMG - giveheavysmg
    Give Rapid-Fire SMG - giverapidfiresmg
    Give Alien SMG - givealiensmg
    Give Pump-action Shotgun - givepumpactionshotgun
    Give Semi-automatic Shotgun - givesemiautoshotgun
    Give Thumpgun - givethumpgun
    Give Automatic Rifle - giveautomaticrifle
    Give Burst Rifle - giveburstrifle
    Give Alien Rifle - givealienrifle
    Give Disintegrator - givedisintegrator
    Give RPG - giverpg
    Give Alien RPG - givealienrpg
    Give Abduction - giveabduction
    Give Dubstep gun - givedubstep
    Give Blackhole Launcher - giveblackhole
    Give Sniper Rifle - givesniper
    Give Inflato Ray - giveinflato
    Give Minethrower Arm - giveminethrower
    Give Lasergun Arm - givelasergunarm
    Give Bounce Rifle - givebounce
    Give Loud Locust - giveloudlocust
    Give Warden Hadouken - givewardenhadouken
    Give Iron Saint - giveironsaint


    Give Eagle m16 variant - giveeaglem16
    Give Eagle SWAT variant - giveeagleswat
    Give Oppressor - giveoppressor
    Give Oppressor Police variant - giveoppressorpolice
    Give Tornado Assault variant - givetornadoassault
    Give Salem - givesalem
    Give Spectre - givespectre
    Give Thompson - givethompson
    Give Tornado Saints variant - givetornadosaints
    Give Tornado Police variant - givetornadopolice
    Give Tornado NG variant - givetornadong
    Give Tornado Morningstar variant - givetornadomorningstar
    Give Vulture Morningstar variant - givevulturemorningstar
    Give Vulture Saints variant - givevulturesaints
    Give VTOL - givevtol
    Give VTOL Cyrus variant - givevtolcyrus
    Give VTOL Saints variant - givevtolsaints


    Give AB Destroyer - givedestroyer
    Give Snipes 57 Killbane variant - givekillbanejet
    Give Woodpecker Luchadore variant - givewoodpeckerluchadore


    Give Challenger - givechallenger
    Give Cruasder Cyrus variant - givecrusadercyrus
    Give Crusader - givecrusader
    Give Crusader Saints variant - givecrusadersaints
    Give Destructor m21 variant - givedestructorm21
    Give Recursor Green - giverecursorgreen
    Give Recursor Purple - giverecursorpurple
    Give Recursor Red - giverecursorred


    Give Angry Tiger Kaneda - giveangrytiger
    Give Bloody Cannoness - givebloodycannoness
    Give Estrada Cyber variant - giveestradacyber
    Give Estrada police variant - giveestradapolice
    Give Kaneda Ronin variant - givekanedaronin
    Give Kenshin police variant - givekenshinpolice
    Give Kenshin Ronin variant - givekenshinronin
    Give Wireframe Phantom - givewireframephantom
    Give X2-Phantom - givex2phantom


    Give Atlasbreaker - giveatlasbreaker
    Give Atlasbreaker Maero variant - giveatlasbreakermaero
    Give Attrazione - giveattrazione
    Give Bear - givebear
    Give Bear Decker variant - givebeardecker
    Give Bear NG variant - givebearng
    Give Bear SWAT variant - givebearswat
    Give Betsy classic variant - givebetsyclassic
    Give Betsy PA (Propaganda) variant - givebetsypa
    Give Betsy XL - givebetsyxl
    Give Bootlegger - givebootlegger
    Give Bootlegger XL - givebootleggerxl
    Give Bulldog Luchadore variant - givebulldogluchadore
    Give Bulldog military variant - givebulldogmilitary
    Give Bulldog Turret - givebulldogturret
    Give Churchill SOS variant - givechurchillsos
    Give Compensator BH (Brotherhood) variant - givecompensatorbh
    Give Compensator Luchadore variant - givecompensatorluchadore
    Give Criminal Decker variant - givecriminaldecker
    Give Criminal Luchadore variant - givecriminalluchadore
    Give Criminal Morningstar variant - givecriminalmorningstar
    Give Cyber Gunslinger - givecybergunslinger
    Give Anchor Escort1 variant - giveanchorescort1
    Give Anchor Escort2 variant - giveanchorescort2
    Give Anchor Escort3 variant - giveanchorescort3
    Give Eiswolf Saints variant - giveeiswolfsaints
    Give Eiswolf Saintsretro variant - giveeiswolfsaintsretro
    Give Eiswolf viceking variant - giveeiswolfviceking
    Give Eiswolf VK variant - giveeiswolfvk
    Give Flatbad Key variant - giveflatbedkey
    Give Gatmobile - givegatmobile
    Give Genki Manapult - givemanapult
    Give Genkimobile - givegenkimobile
    Give Gunslinger - givegunslinger
    Give Gunslinger Police variant - givegunslingerpolice
    Give Halberd - givehalberd
    Give Hammer Saints variant - givehammersaints
    Give Hammer viceking variant - givehammerviceking
    Give Hammerhead - givehammerhead
    Give Hollywood - givehollywood
    Give Infuego Luchadore variant - giveinfuegoluchadore
    Give Infuego Morningstar variant - giveinfuegomorningstar
    Give Justice Cyrpian variant - givejusticecyprian
    Give Justice Morningstar variant - givejusticemorningstar
    Give Lightning - givelightning
    Give Lockdown - givelockdown
    Give Lockdown - SWAT variant - givelockdownswat
    Give Lockdown chrome - givelockdownchrome
    Give Mongoose - givemongoose
    Give N-Forcer - givenforcer
    Give N-Forcer - STAG variant - givenforcerstag
    Give N-Forcer NG variant - givenforcerng
    Give N-Forcer Saints - givenforcersaints
    Give Nyteblade - givenyteblayde
    Give Pacemaker police variant - givepacemakerpolice
    Give Peacemaker Saints variant - givepeacemakersaints
    Give Phoenix Stunts variant - givephoenixstunts
    Give Pony Cart - givepony
    Give Pulse - givepulse
    Give Rattler - giverattler
    Give Rattler Chopshop chrome - giverattlerchrome
    Give Rattler viceking variant - giverattlerviceking
    Give Relic - giverelic
    Give Sad Panda Rover - givesadpanda
    Give Sexy Kitten Vortex - givesexykitten
    Give Solar Decker variant - givesolardecker
    Give Stiletto SOS variant - givestilettosos
    Give Swindle BH (Brotherhood) variant - giveswindlebh
    Give Temptress - givetemptress
    Give Titan - givetitan
    Give Toad - givetoad
    Give Verminator - giveverminator
    Give Wireframe Peacemaker - givewireframepeacemaker
    Give Zimos Boogie Bus - giveboogie


    Give Crib Ship - givecribship
    Give Key - givekey
    Give HUGE White House USA turret - giveturretwh
    Give Turret - giveturret
    Give Turret HS - giveturreths

    SILVERLINK CHEATS (look to be special unlocks that are not yet available)

    Rated M++ (everything gibs) - notrated
    Golden Gun (one shot kills) - goldengun
    Slow Motion - slowmo

    DLC CHEATS - You will need to buy the DLC if you want to use them, but they won't flag your save (with this mod) if you do.

    Give all Super Upgrades - dlc_sosuper
    Super Power Strength 100% - dlc_superduper
    Infinite Mass - dlc_car_mass
    Never Die - dlc_never_die
    Unlimited Ammo - dlc_unlimited_ammo
    Unlimited Clip - dlc_unlimited_clip


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  2. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    goldengun doesnt seem to be working... ><
    irtaza likes this.
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    It may be another example of a broken one like slowmo. If so, I should just be able to create a new entry for it. Tomorrow though. I'm exhausted. ;)
  4. LOL you work fast Idol, I'll give you that! Thanks for all the hard work you put into ALL that you do! ^-^
    Bronx. likes this.
  5. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    thanks idol for doing this. :3 its so much more fun when i am a baddass mofo. B-|
  6. This cheats will prevent the achievements?
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Nope. The cheats have been converted to non-flagging. That means using them will no longer disable your autosave or achievements.
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  8. Thanks!
  9. So these vanilla cheats work on the Xbox/PS3 too, right?
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