visuals & graphics

  1. _eb_

    [SR2] GOG Shaundi Loadscreen v1.0.1

    This simple mod change the new-game loading screen with the Shaundi one found as goodies/wallpapers in the GOG version of the game. The texture itself sized at 1280x768. Installation: 01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- extract the zipped archive and put both G_/PEC_PC files to...
  2. b800047

    [ReShade Preset] Project Zer0 - Saints Row 2

    Hello everyone, I call myself b800047 (how original i know lol), and I kid you not when I say I've tried searching and testing other Reshade presets to try and revive my experience I've had with Saints Row 2. Some have sort-of altered the theme, or at least the color scheme of Saints Row 2, but...