visuals & graphics

  1. Singa

    Younger Troy

    Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, Troy somehow aged 30 years since the first game."? Well, I have, and that's why I made this mod to make him look somewhat younger than the base game. I have removed the wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, reduced his nasolabial folds, and added some...
  2. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Remastered Graphics Over Haul

    Mod Primarily Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod and Others . If you Skip that one Your Game Will Look Horrible . Don't Worry Lads Watch This Well Edited Super Easy especially non Brain Freezy Gluten Free Tutorial video and Follow Everything . ( Watch it on official YouTube Page I...
  3. PinkGuy


    This is a Reshade preset . Lighting Over Haul for Saints row Xenia .
  4. L

    Is there a good SR2 HD mod?

    There probably is, if not, this is a request. I downloaded one and it looked ugly, really ugly (no offense to the creator, they obv worked hard but I personally didn't like it), and was wondering if there could be a mod to make SR2 look kinda like a minecraft shaderpack, in the sense that the...
  5. F

    SR4 Re-Elected: The Pentagon Patch V1.1

    SAINTS ROW IV RE-ELECTED: THE PENTAGON PATCH DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Similar to my Super Ethical Patch for SR3, this is a compilation of several Saints Row IV mods and tweaks ported and remade for the Re-Elected patch, as well as some new mods. The mod includes several changes, fixes, quality...
  6. F

    Saints Row (2022) Natural Visuals - Reshade Preset

    DOWNLOAD This reshade is my attempt to improve the reboot's visuals by making it looks as photorealistic as possible and removing that intense golden heat tint. CONTENTS: f13 natural visuals.ini: The standard version of this reshade. Includes HDR, clarity, contrast, and tint (used a bluish...
  7. R

    better HUD and Gameplay

    Can anyone make a square map and change HP colors (Health Green and Armor Yellow) and change the shape and colors of the map icons to make them look like in GTA V? and can anyone change the weapon wheel to make it more like GTA v? also is there a way to disable the Enemy's health bar it seems...
  8. _eb_

    [SR2] GOG Shaundi Loadscreen v1.0.1

    This simple mod change the new-game loading screen with the Shaundi one found as goodies/wallpapers in the GOG version of the game. The texture itself sized at 1280x768. Installation: 01 -- Gentlemen of the Row -- extract the zipped archive and put both G_/PEC_PC files to...
  9. b800047

    [ReShade Preset] Project Zer0 - Saints Row 2

    Hello everyone, I call myself b800047 (how original i know lol), and I kid you not when I say I've tried searching and testing other Reshade presets to try and revive my experience I've had with Saints Row 2. Some have sort-of altered the theme, or at least the color scheme of Saints Row 2, but...