Saints Row 2 Remastered Graphics Over Haul

Mod Primarily Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod and Others . If you Skip that one Your Game Will Look Horrible . Don't Worry Lads Watch This Well Edited Super Easy especially non Brain Freezy Gluten Free Tutorial video and Follow Everything . ( Watch it on official YouTube Page I Have Perfectly Sorted all mods as Sections ( in The Description Tab ) so You wont be Fooking up with Tons of files .

Please Use GOG Galaxy Version , Steam one is The Worst.

This is a RESHADE Preset I Have Uploaded on The Nexus Mods . Nexus Started Removing MY Mods with out any Reason so Im reuploading Here Just For The Backup .

Game Play ( My SCreen Recorder Doesn't Capture HDR video so what You Have seeing here is a Little Downgraded version of The Game )

MOD Trailer ( Ultor version )

Mod Trailer 2 ( all Saints row 2 Trailers Recreated with Mods )

Game Play ( Story Mission Moist Critical as The Boss )

(For Experts You Had to Enable HDR in Game )


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OP Graphic Preset May Look Washed out in The Cut scenes but it looks way better in The Open world Game Play