1. T

    Hair length extender

    Is there a way to make a mod to extend the hair length to the red mark, without it losing it's hair physics? that'd be awesome
  2. F

    Underglow/Neons Mod

    Add underglow / neon as a customization option for all cars.
  3. S

    Green Beta Saints (Texture MOD)

    I Hope Someone Doesn't Mind Making a Texture Mod to Change the Saints Colors from Purple to Green like in the Beta Version of Saints Row 1, It would be interesting to see what the beta saints would've looked like in Saints Row 2 :)
  4. J

    Homies & NPCs Masako Homies

    Is it possible for a mod to add the Masako from SR4 as an option in gang customization?
  5. Singa

    New Parachute Designs

    Ever wonder why your parachute looks like the Belgian flag? Ever wished you could have some rad new colors on your chute? Well tell your old parachute to go make itself a fucking waffle, because I brought you some new designs! This mod let's you choose between one of 8 different looks for the...
  6. Aquanort

    [MOD REQUEST] Ronin As Gangmembers

  7. Singa

    Crazed Saints Fans (Zombie Replacer)

    "The celebrity obsessed, media drugged masses." - Oleg Kirrlov They come in hordes, masses of angry sweaty fans just waiting for you to slip up. Nothing you do will be good enough, they will always find one thing to complain about. "Go back to the roots" you hear from some, others groan "Can I...
  8. NarrowWatch

    The Boondock Saint

    Today I decided to create a medieval themed character. So I picked the right hairstyle, facial, and proceeded to customize his face to my liking, after doing so, something clicked inside my head; his face was familiar. After looking at him for some seconds, I've notice I have made Norman Reedus...
  9. L

    SOLVED Female animations wrecked my SR2

    I still have this problem from 2 months ago. I once turned on girly walk animations and then turned it off but it won't go away, even if I press X in the custom patch menu to remove all mods and even if I uninstall and reinstall Saints Row 2 from steam, my male character will still swing his...
  10. marshall77889

    Saints row 2 main menu screen or HUD

    Hi Everyone is it possible to make a saints row 2 HUD or something like that
  11. Admixon

    GoG | Admixon's Wardrobe

    I'll post mods for GoG version too! My Models Ports Other Packs GUIDE Pharah - Put PharALL.vpp_pc file to Saints Row 4/mods VSHP - Put HallALL.vpp_pc file to Saints Row 4/mods N&N - Put XmasALL.vpp_pc file to Saints Row 4/mods Nerdy Glasses - Put nerdy2.vpp_pc file to...
  12. Gogeta007yBro

    Team Fortress 2 weapons skins

    Like my title says... and what the DLC was. For the Incinerator and the RPG. Just like in this image: If it can be, thanks for making it, and if it can't, thanks for reading this.
  13. O

    Make Saints Gang drive Purple Cars

    hello there is there any way to have Saints in Gang Customization drive purple cars, if there isn't a mod for that, could some modder kindly make this mod for everyone, as it's annoying when they don't have the gang color, as i miss that as in SR1 and SR2 they were purple Thanks :)
  14. SkatefilterX-5

    How can I exetract SRTT textures as .png?

    I wanted textures as .png but I can't open .springs I need help please with exporting the textures to use them as resource for my game project, texmod doesn't work on SRTT or SRIV. What program I should use to extract textures?
  15. T

    Issues with Death from above and Super sprint

    I've purchased the Nuke upgrade for death from above, my issue is that the reticle doesn't appear once I've reached a certain altitude (I assume the reticle stops appearing at the minimum nuke height altitude.) making it impossible to use the nuke ability which is quite frustrating. My issue...
  16. T

    SOLVED Having issue getting mods to activate

    I've installed the flying mod and Sandbox mods as directed in the readme's but the game doesn't appear to register their activation at all, especially odd as one of them required me to replace one of the game files in the cache...could this have anything to do with the recent steam workshop...
  17. Admixon


  18. Admixon

    Worms W.M.D: All-Stars

    Have you seen new Worms game trailer? What do you think guys?
  19. N

    Speed Limit

    Is there a speed limit in Saints Row 2? I changed the max speed of some fast vehicles, but they are not faster. It seems to be at 100 units, that is the speed of the fastest car (Attrazione), the fastest boat (Hurricane) and the fastest plane (Snipes57). Can I remove this limit?
  20. ElVicioGamer

    Songs that remind you of Saints Row!

    As the title says, do you know any song that reminds you of the Saints Row series? This song does it for me: