The Boondock Saint

Discussion in 'Share your character' started by Sandnikk, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Today I decided to create a medieval themed character. So I picked the right hairstyle, facial, and proceeded to customize his face to my liking, after doing so, something clicked inside my head; his face was familiar. After looking at him for some seconds, I've notice I have made Norman Reedus.

    I swear to my mom it wasn't intentional, I did not wanted to make him at all, but somehow I ended up doing so. Perharps it is because I have a TWD poster with his likeness next to my computer, so maybe I unconsciously drew inspiration from it? I don't know.

    But here's a custom character that looks like "Murphy MacManus" from " The Boondock Saints", played by Norman Reedus:


    don't you hate it when you accidentally Norman Reedus the whole thing?


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  2. yeah bro, thanks!
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  3. Not bad at all, except that I expected another Boondock lol
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