1. F13

    Saints Row (2022) Natural Visuals - Reshade Preset

    DOWNLOAD This reshade is my attempt to improve the reboot's visuals by making it looks as photorealistic as possible and removing that intense golden heat tint. CONTENTS: f13 natural visuals.ini: The standard version of this reshade. Includes HDR, clarity, contrast, and tint (used a bluish...
  2. Mixxy

    Mixxy's Reshade

  3. CayeNyne

    SR2 ReShade Preset - Slick (Including UI Masks!)

    Hi! I Thought I'd put my personal shader into a folder and share it here, just for others to try it out, cause I like it! (But maybe I'm just biased towards myself... hm.) Anywho, here it is! :) Aesthetic of the shader is smooth and slick... like hair gel. I guess? Shader Used is ReShade...
  4. b800047

    [ReShade Preset] Project Zer0 - Saints Row 2

    Hello everyone, I call myself b800047 (how original i know lol), and I kid you not when I say I've tried searching and testing other Reshade presets to try and revive my experience I've had with Saints Row 2. Some have sort-of altered the theme, or at least the color scheme of Saints Row 2, but...

    ZINHAR's Crystal Clear Realistic ReShade for SR:TT Remastered

    Crystal Clear Realistic ReShade by Farid (aka. ZINHAR) Features: Maintains the original look of the game Well balanced lighting and colors Doesn't impact performance too much All values used in the preset are well rounded and OCD friendly Glitch-free! If the preset is too dark for your liking...
  6. D

    Bordersaints [Reshade]

    Ladies and gentlemen. This mod adds cel-shading. Requirements Download Reshade. Install all the shaders when asked. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SaintsRowTheThird Once done, drop the preset into the directory then load it when ingame. It's simple, really. Notable mentions The results ingame...
  7. ColbyDash

    Crashes at loading screen when ReShade is installed

    Hello! So i'll get straight to the point. I have been having this issue for a while and something similar happens with The Sims 4 and SRTT when I have ReShade installed in it too. I start up the game, get into the main menu, load my most recent game, and when it's done loading, it just cuts out...
  8. Admixon

    Admixon's Reshade Preset for SR2

    Someone asked me if I'm gonna release my Reshade preset for SR2 and it was like: Me: "Naah" Dude: "Please release it!" Me: "Naah" Dude: "I'll pay you!" Me: "Naah" Dude: "I'll give you a..." Me: "I'LL DO IT!!" So here it is... or will be my preset for this game BUT it will be available once...
  9. Admixon

    Admixon's ReShade Preset for AoM

    So hi. It's my first mod for Agents of Mayhem so yeah... Check the screenshots below: Click HERE for SR TT version VERSION ONE VERSION TWO INSTALLATION GUIDE 1. Download Reshade: 2. Download an ini file and place it to steamapps\common\Agents of Mayhem\aom 3...
  10. ΛÐΥSS•深渊•

    Beta Reshade

    Hey :D i,ve worked out a reshade recently. I wanted to share my workwith you guys ;) i aimed to make the game more smooth looking and more colorfull. Also i,ve added a lot of light (and lens) it looks best at night ;) PLEASE report any graphical issues to me if you see any! it would help a lot...
  11. Admixon

    Admixon's ReShade Preset for SR:TT

    I decided to release my Reshade preset to TT also! Click HERE for SR4 version Click HERE for AoM version INSTALLATION GUIDE 1. Download Reshade: 2. Download Admixon_SR3.ini and place it somewhere 3. Watch the tutorial I made: USAGE Scroll Lock - disable/enable...
  12. Admixon

    Admixon's Something [WIP]

    INSTALLATION GUIDE | STEAM 1. Download and install ReShade: INSTALLATION GUIDE (OPTIONAL) | STEAM 1. Download and install Fan of Saint's Sandbox+ 2. Download OVERHAUL_addons.rar, extract everything and place to your game folder steamapps\common\Saints Row IV 3. Subscribe to...