Bordersaints [Reshade]


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Ladies and gentlemen.
This mod adds cel-shading.
SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-38-18.png


Download Reshade.
Install all the shaders when asked.
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SaintsRowTheThird
Once done, drop the preset into the directory then load it when ingame.
It's simple, really.

Notable mentions
The results ingame look far less jagged than what you see in the screenshots.
I'm currently using Nvidia control panel to enhance the antialiasing.

If reshade causes your game to no longer launch, rename the dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

If you don't like the borders on the top and bottom of the screen, feel free to scale them down. If the effect for the borders is disabled, the celshading will vanish.
SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-18-28.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-19-12.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-44-05.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-27-18.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-29-19.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-38-18.png SRTTR 2020-06-24 15-41-34.png


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In my opinion Saints row with this mod looks like the mix of Borderlands and Crackdown.