Admixon's Reshade Preset for SR2



Someone asked me if I'm gonna release my Reshade preset for SR2 and it was like:
Me: "Naah"
Dude: "Please release it!"
Me: "Naah"
Dude: "I'll pay you!"
Me: "Naah"
Dude: "I'll give you a..."
Me: "I'LL DO IT!!"

So here it is... or will be my preset for this game BUT it will be available once patched version came out.
Effects like: dof, ssao, retro or cinematic borders are optional. You'll be able to turn them on/off by pressing buttons like, Num7, Num3






9480_20191215100804_1.png 9480_20191215100805_1.png
9480_20191215101242_1.png 9480_20191215101241_1.png
9480_20191215101725_1.png 9480_20191215101728_1.png
9480_20191215101536_1.png 9480_20191215101538_1.png
9480_20191215101651_1.png 9480_20191215101654_1.png
9480_20191215101452_1.png 9480_20191215101453_1.png
9480_20191215101147_1.png 9480_20191215101148_1.png
9480_20191215094359_1.png 9480_20191215094358_1.png
9480_20191215094304_1.png 9480_20191215094305_1.png 9480_20191215094316_1.png 9480_20191215094320_1.png

Mods I used
New Facepaints
by Singa
Christmas in Stilwater by F13
GOTR by Idolninja
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For me the minimum is sharpening and vibrancy, really makes the game look updated and less mudded-out if that makes sense. I've never got around to doing more than that so when this is out itll open my eyes a bit I suppose.
Sweet looking, nice job Admixion, I can't wait to try it!
Can you share this, spent 3 hours using re-shade for it to crash while in game, and force the fucking settings into windows... so it took me another 3 hours to find backwards ass way to reset contrast, and gamma on shitty ass windows 10.. pls share ur re-shades for saints row 2 is fucking hard to find. Idek about the DOF. legit had to reset my ICC profile for my monitor, because updating my gpu driver didn't fix my colors and contrast.