1. Nathnéfo

    How to create a lua script (for SaintExec)

    Hello everyone, If you want to create a script for Saint Row IV you've come to the right place! Let's begin. Prerequisite: - Knowledge about how to program in lua or another interpreted language like python (I will try my best to explain technicals parts). - Download the latest release of...
  2. Nathnéfo

    Saint Exec - Lua Executor for Saint Row IV Re-Elected

    Hello everyone, I've been working on this for a while, it's time to release it : Project page : This program lets you run all the scripts you want in runtime. It is currently untested on the steam version please let me know if it works on it. How to...
  3. SkatefilterX-5

    Taxi script, I need help! This script isn't functioning even no sound played from start

    I try to get started with taxi mini game. Which I use as in m14 aka Live with Killbane. I grab decker groups and use them as passengers in lua and I keep checking over and over and I can't even find any errors not even notepad++ detects any errors i make. So it hard to find any mistakes without...
  4. nclok1405

    HELP WANTED: Button Checker (custom sr3_city.lua)

    Yeah, I need your help again... I want to know if "player_action_just_pressed" function still works in SRTTR, and if so what buttons work. I've created a custom sr3_city.lua which shows a message when a button is pressed. If you own SRTT:Remastered for PC, please help me by following...
  5. nclok1405

    SOLVED Missing built-in Lua functions checker (uses custom sr3_city.lua)

    I want to know if some of built-in gameplay Lua functions of SRTT 2011 are missing. If you own SRTT:Remastered for PC, please help me by following instructions. Install the sr3_city.lua patch which enables the game to load loose sr3_city.lua file from the game's installation directory Download...
  6. nclok1405

    Saints Row 2 What the intended usage of Unused Lua Functions like "never_die" or "on_tagged"?

    There are a couple of Unused Gameplay Lua Functions that do not have any useful effects when used, like "never_die", "on_tagged", "store_discount", "should_skip_intro_cutscene", etc. Do you have any info of these mysterious functions? Are these functionalities stripped off from the released...
  7. nclok1405

    SR2 Lua Functions List (WIP)

    This is an incomplete list of (mostly) builtin Lua functions of Saints Row 2. Last Update: April 28, 2020 == Functions available in any contexts == acos(arg) Parameters: arg (float) floating point value Returns: (float) the arc cosine of arg Description: Computes the principal value of the...
  8. nclok1405

    SR2 Lua Files List

    This topic describes what Lua files exist in the Saints Row 2 data files, and the purpose of each Lua file. All Lua scripts (except multiplayer maps) are included in Gentlemen of the Row v1.9.2, inside the "modified" and "original_patch" folders under "optional_mod_stuff" folder. === About the...
  9. Henry08

    action_play_synced how it works?

    This is official documentation, on first look it's simle but then i set attacker as LOCAL_PLAYER, victim as FOLLOWER1 and anim name from anim_synced.xtbl I get nothing -- Make a pair of humans play an animation. This function blocks -- -- attacker: (string) name of attacker --...
  10. Henry08

    Any suggestion about homies and npc spawning by script?

    I tried to figure out what happens in few mission scripts and have found this 1) Character is setting up in table. It looks like shaundi3_normal = { name = "shaundi3_normal_group", shaundi3 = "start_shaundi3_normal", } 2) Then some empty group value...
  11. Henry08

    Scripting for dummies Eng-Ru

    If you are programmer and read IdolNinja's article "How to run a custom SRIV gameplay script", maybe you got more that enough information how to create new cool scripts. But if you're just a dummy like me, maybe you only understand how to activate the dynamic time of day after the end of the...
  12. -=SoA=- [Dirty Dan]

    Agents of Mayhem - Using .xtbl or .lua files

    Does the engine still accept .xtbl or .lua files in say the root directory like the previous saint row games?
  13. G

    Need help with my Mod!

    1. Does anybody know how to make the Aliens and Civilians have more health? 2. Does anybody know how to port some of the weapons from Saints Row: Gat out of Hell into SR4? 3. Does anybody know how to port some of the old weapons from Saints Row: The Third into Saints Row 4? 4. Does anybody know...
  14. D

    lua object create [help]

    I know that you can create explosions in SRT3 by using lua but is there a way to spawn/create an object I.e concrete roadblock at X, Y, Z location using lua? and I saw this in the _script_actions_index.html file npc_leash_to_object <-- how do you use it?