The in-game names of Hairstyles in Saint's Row 2 often have quite a different name internally.
I needed to know which Hairstyles are which for a mod project I'm working on, so I made this list.
Hopefully this can be useful to others.

Hairstyles added by Gentlemen Of The Row are marked with an asterisk (*).

In-Game Namecustomization_items.xtblFilenames
Afro Largemale afro 1cmHai_mAfro01
Beehivefemale updo 1cmHai_wUpDo01
Clipped Short 1male short clippered 5cmHai_mClipper05
Clipped Short 2male short clippered 3cmHai_mClipper03
Clipped Short 3male short clippered 4cmHai_mClipper04
Comb OverCombovercmHai_mcombover
Combed Backmale short combed back 1cmHai_mBack01
Combed ForwardCombed ForwardcmHai_mFore03
Conservative Parted Leftfemale done up 4cmHai_wDoneUp04
Conservative Parted Rightfemale done up 5cmHai_wDoneUp05
Corn Row Ponytailfemale corn rowscmHai_wCornRow01
Corn Rowsmale corn rowscmHai_mCornRow01
Corporate Parted Leftmale short parted left 1cmHai_mPartedL01
*Curlyfemale curly 4cmHai_wCurly04
Curly Shortmale short curly 1cmHai_mShCurly01
Draped Over Shouldersfemale long wavy 5cmHai_wLongWav05
Dreads w/Updofemale long dreadscmHai_wDreads02
Fademale short fade 1cmHai_mFade01
Feathered ExecutiveDane's haircmHai_mDane
First Ladyfemale short parted left 1cmHai_wPartedL01
Flat Topmale short spiked 1cmHai_mSpiked01
Friarmale bald 1cmHai_mBald01
Large Mohawkspiky punk 2cmHai_uPunk02
Layered Parted Leftmale long 9cmHai_mLong09
Long Corn Rowsmale dreads 6cmHai_mDreads06
Long Dreads 1Shaundi haircmHai_wShaundi
Long Dreads 2female long dreads 2cmHai_wDreads05
Long and Asymetricalfemale long straight 2cmHai_wLongStr02
Long and StraightJessica haircmhai_wjessica
Long and Wavyfemale long wavy 2cmHai_wLongWav02
Medium Colored Dreads 1female medium dreads 1cmHai_wDreads01
Medium Colored Dreads 2DJ Veteran Child's haircmHai_uChild
Medium Dreadsmale medium-long dreadscmHai_mDreads02
Medium Length Parted Middlefemale short parted middle 2cmHai_wPartedM02
MessyAisha's haircmhai_wAisha
*Messy 2male messy 3cmHai_mMessy03
*Messy w/Spikesfemale messy hair 1cmHai_wMessy01
Pigtail Braidsfemale braids 1cmHai_wBraids01
Pixiefemale short 2cmhai_wShort02
Ponytailfemale ponytail 1cmHai_wPonyTai01
Ponytail Shortmale ponytail 1cmHai_mPonyTai01
Ponytail Topfemale ponytail 3cmHai_wPonyTai03
Shaved Headmale hair stubble 1 (3 Variants)cmHai_mStubble01
Shaved Sides w/Spiky Topfemale tribal hair 3cmHai_wTribal03
Shaved w/Spiky BangsDonnie's haircmHai_mDonnie
Short Colored TopCarlos HaircmHai_mCarlos
Short Dreadsfemale shorts dreadscmHai_wDreads04
Short Parted RightTranslator HaircmHai_Translator
Short and Shaggyfemale short parted left 2cmHai_wPartedL02
Shoulder Length Parted Leftfemale short parted left 6cmHai_wPartedL06
Skater Cutmale short parted middle 2cmHai_mPartedM02
Slicked Back ColoredKazuo's haircmhai_mKazuo
Slicked Back Highmale short combed back 5cmHai_mBack05
Small Afromale short curly 2cmHai_mShCurly02
Spiked Backmale short combed back 2cmhai_mBack02
Spiky Dreadsmale medium dreadscmHai_mDreads01
Spiky Punkspiky punk 3cmHai_uPunk03
Spiky Top w/Dyed TipsJohnny Gat's haircmHai_mGat
Spiky w/Dyed TipsShogo's haircmHai_mShogo
Swept Backmale short parted left 2cmHai_mPartedL02
*Teased Afrofemale medium dreads 2cmHai_wDreads03
The Vladfemale done up 1cmHai_wDoneUp01
Tight Bunplaceholder female hair 1cmHai_phFemale01
Tribal Bobfemale tribal hair 2cmHai_wTribal02
Tribal Curlsfemale tribal hair 1cmHai_wTribal01
Tribal Fademale tribal hair 1cmHai_mTribal01
Tribal Mulletmale tribal hair 3cmHai_mTribal03
Tribal Mullet ColoredMatt's haircmHai_mMatt
Tribal Mullet LongMaero's mulletcmHai_mMaero
Tribal Pigtailsfemale tribal hair 5 (2 Variants)cmHai_wTribal05
Tribal Ponytailmale tribal hair 5 (5 Variants)cmHai_mTribal05
Tribal Pulled Backmale tribal hair 2cmHai_mTribal02
Tribal Short Ponytailfemale tribal hair 4cmHai_wTribal04
Tribal Side Ponytailfemale tribal hair 6cmHai_wTribal06
Tribal Top Knotmale tribal hair 4 (5 Variants)cmHai_mTribal04
Tucked Behind Earsfemale short parted middle 1cmHai_wPartedM01
*Updofemale bun 2cmHai_wBunTop02
*Updo w/Tendrilsfemale bun 1cmHai_wBunTop01

Interesting to note is "Long and Straight", which has the internal name of "Jessica hair", despite Jessica not using this Hairstyle in her model.
It does match up with her concept art though, which indicates the decision to change her hair to "female ponytail 1" was made later in Saints Row 2's development.

black dread hat haircmHai_hathair3
flat standardcmHai_hathair4
bald man hat haircmHai_hathair5
dread hat haircmHai_hathair6
afro hat haircmHai_hathair3
long dreads hat haircmHai_hathair7
mullet hat haircmHai_hathair8
short mullet hat haircmHai_hathair9
male pony tail hat haircmHai_hathair10
female pulled up hat haircmHai_hathair11

This list was made by switching all "head hair" items into the "headwear" slot, then using Sandbox++ "on_purchase" code; 888-364 (credit: nclok1405) to display the item's internal name on screen.
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