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  1. YeehawPhoenix

    The "GTA" Pack for SR2

    The GTA Pack for SR2 (December 09, 2021) Created by YeehawPhoenix Description This mod contains all GTA-related mods I've made for Saints Row 2 to make the game feel a little more like the GTA games such as "GTA V-style Camera", "GTA Online-like Weapon Pricing" and now much more! Features *...
  2. YeehawPhoenix

    GTA V Camera Styles for SR2 v2.0

    Howdy everyone! Just like my SRTTR version of this mod, it makes the game's camera to look just like GTA V's normal AND close camera views! (Note: This is my third mod ever made for these games so of course not everything will be perfect.) 11/01/2021 Update: SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the size of...
  3. YeehawPhoenix

    GTA V Camera Views for SRTT: Remastered v3.1 (Updated March 23, 2022)

    GTA V Camera Styles for SRTT: Remastered Created by YeehawPhoenix Description Howdy everyone! This is my second released mod, which alters the games' camera angles to be similar to GTA V's normal AND close camera views! There are two different versions of this mod, each that has an alternate...
  4. YeehawPhoenix

    GTA V-Like Max Ammo & Pricing v1.0

    Hello everyone, I am new to modding these games and this is my first ever posted mod that alters the amount of ammo you can carry and their prices to be similar to Grand Theft Auto V/Online. I decided to increase the amount of ammo you can carry to be around 10,000 for weapons like the assault...
  5. W

    Improved camera (GTA style)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the world of modding and I have created this little mod that will make you feel more comfortable with the game camera. PD: I did not like the original camera of the game very much, I saw it as very old-fashioned and I wanted to edit the camera, and make it look like...
  6. Fan of Saints

    Rockstar and Take-Two fight against modders (locking Online content in the singleplayer)

    In case someone doesn't know what I'm talking about: So, what do you think of this whole thing? In my opinion it's just fucking unbelievable attack against the...