GTA V Camera Styles for SRTT: Remastered
Created by YeehawPhoenix

Howdy everyone! This is my second released mod, which alters the games' camera angles to be similar to GTA V's normal AND close camera views! There are two different versions of this mod, each that has an alternate option. Either version alters the regular standing/sprinting camera, aiming camera, crouching camera, interiors cameras, riot/human shield camera, and the mini-gun/sawed-off shotgun camera to be as accurate to GTA V as possible. To make this even more GTA-feel, I made a GTA IV vehicle camera style mod right here!

(Note: This is my second mod ever made for these games so of course not everything will be perfect.)
(This mod is currently incompatible with Saints Row IV.)

There is also a SR2 version and a SR4 version of this mod!
Mod features
Close view: The standard close range view from GTA V.
Normal View: The normal range view from GTA V.
Normal View with Closer Fine Aim: Just like Normal View but with a closer view when you aim your gun.
My Higher Angle Edit: Inside the Close View folder is an option similar to the standard but raised higher if you think the standard option is too far down.

How to install
After downloading, extract the RAR file, then copy camera_free.xbtl and paste into your game's directory / root folder (where SRTTR.exe is).
How to uninstall - Delete camera_free.xbtl from the game's root folder.

Oct 31, 2021 (v1.5): Made a few minor adjustments to some of the FOV and camera elevations in some areas.

Nov 2, 2021 (v2.0): Now introducing GTA V's normal camera view!

March 22, 2022 (v3.0):
- Organized this forum to look nicer.
- FOV has been raised just a little bit to be more accurate.
- Improved passenger and fine aim views for cars and motorcycles.
- Heightened and brought the camera closer for the Higher Angle Edit.
- Few minor improvements to the exterior and interior for standing and sprinting.
- Got rid of that strange "Edit" folder inside the Higher Angle Edit folder that even I forgot was for lol.

March 23, 2022 (v3.1): Fixed the passenger aim for trucks and raised the FOV for some normal view aim cameras.



Fine Aim


Free falling / Parachute

I hope you enjoy this mod! Feel free to comment about what you think or if there are any errors or changes I should make so I can update it.


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Thanks, fantastic mod.

Small related request, would it be possible to roll in the Sticky Camera Mod? Just something to make the camera not auto centre when using KBAM.
I've experimented on it and yes, it does. The only thing though is that you might have to switch the vehicle snap option once in the controls settings in order for it to start working. Not sure if I have to do that because I personally play with a controller so the game will probably need to know I'm switching KBAM lol but yeah it works :blush: