How do you paste a textfile of a mod into another? (Murderbot homies mod help)

Hello everyone, I hope y’all are well, like the clue in the title let’s get down to it: so I’m really really really really new to modding, what is easy for some is a brain aneurism for me, I need some assistance please, I’m trying to install the Murderbot Homies mod by DataSnake, but it keeps crashing, the problem is I have i have another mod (I do believe it’s the GPZ Enhanced gang customization mod) that also comes with it’s own Character.XTBL file, when I try replacing the character file provided by DataSnake the game crashes when I load a save (I even used a save before I’ve added any mod to the game) but when I use the character file provided by GPZ that mod works fine but the Murderbot mod is M.I.A. Now on DataSnake’s post about the mod he said and I quote “Extract character.xtbl and spawn_info_ranks to your SR4 directory. If you have another mod with a custom spawn_info_ranks file, paste the contents of the "spawn_info_ranks addition" textfile into that one.”” Now would the same rule apply? And if so can someone explain to me how to do that? Please and thank you (Sorry for the essay) and I hope y’all have a wonderful day!