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  1. Character by MLVNRT
    SR4 Hairstyles for SR3

    • 25/05/2019 Made some slight changes to the clothing and hairstyle. The original appeared a bit boring, so more colours were added. More screenshots were also added.
    • 28/11/2019 save game added

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  2. Emilia Clarke? ♥‿♥
  3. Well my character was actually loosely sculpted from a couple of ideas in mind:
    -Late Saints Row's "Ultra-realistic" style (example: eye size kept at 50%, this is so the character fits within the people of Steelport)
    -"Ideal" facial proportions (example: eyes are approximately an eye apart - but who's idea was it anyway?)
    -A couple of models (youthful is currently in fashion - not too youthful of course)
    -Subconscious facial ideals (the "average" of the people I see, or from just looking at the mirror)

    A bit of art and science I would say. Long story
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  4. MLVNRT, you saw mod required when I asking this mod clothing SR4 for SRTT?
  5. Creative clothing choices very nice.
  7. Friggin' adorable.
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