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Will Agents Of Mayhem be open world

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TheBadBoy21, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. will AoM be open world or just CO-OP
  2. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    It's a singleplayer open world game.
  3. ^You sure?
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

  5. Yay?
  6. I decided to compare Agents of Mayhem with the last officially released Saints Row Game - Saints Row Gat Out of Hell expansion released in very beginning of 2015...

    Playable Characters: In Saints Row Gat Out of Hell, there was only two playable NPCs - Gat and Kinzie which was used as homies in previous SR games, on other site Agents of Mayhem have a 12 agents of total. Agents of Mayhem as number of playable characters > (is slightly better than) Saints Row Gat Out of Hell;
    Customization: Gat Out of Hell totally lacks any native customization (beside the fact it had mostly Image of Designed's, Rom Jobs' and Planet Zin's left interfaces, a few (about 20) clothes remained, and some of Saints Row IV's weapons' stats files as a leftovers from mostly removed original Saints Row IV's content in Gat Out of Hell which was built on Saints Row IV's as base). On other side, even though Agents of Mayhem lacks deep customization, it will feature several skins for every of the 12 agents, pretty much like the main character Luis Lopez from The Ballad of Gay Tony from GTA Episodes from Liberty City. In this case also Agents of Mayhem's customization > (slightly better than) Saints Row Gat Out of Hell;
    Abilities: In Agents of Mayhem as I'm aware, each of the 12 agents can work in squad with two of the other agents, every Agents of Mayhem's agent also have an unique hunt abilities for fighting NPC and L.E.G.I.O.N.'s enemies, like homies does help you in main Saints Row games. Saints Row Gat Out Of Hell, however, homies' abilities is only limited to the other playable NPC (Gat or Kinzie depending whether you're playing as Kinzie or Gat respectively) as it's made only available in missions, which means in free roam (outside missions) there's no way to have any help from any homies (if I exclude the Imps, the Spare and the Titan from Summon powers)! So here again Agents Of Mayhem > (is much better than) Saints Row Gat Out of Hell;
    Vehicles: Saints Row Gat Out of Hell had only a few limited amount of vehicles across New Hades, mostly without side doors (I can guess no more than 10 vehicles of total available in-game). However, Agents of Mayhem will feature many ground specialized Agent vehicles and many NPC vehicles which every agent will be able to use and drive around the map even though Agents of Mayhem itself won't feature any boats and aircrafts. For this paragraph when going to vehicle's variety, Agents of Mayhem > (is pretty much better than) Gat Out of Hell again;
    NPCs: Saints Row Gat Out of Hell have only one model ped (the husk one), Gat and Kinzie themselves, several models Demon enemies, including the female demon as well, and Satan appearing only on last mission. Agents of Mayhem on other side, will feature: 12 playable agents of total shipped with their several skins for each, L.E.G.I.O.N.'s enemies, and the best thing, will also have variety of normal casual pedestrians across Seoul, like what was in all main Saints Row games. Here also as a NPC' variety Saints Row Gat Out of Hell < (is really worse than) Agents of Mayhem;
    Homies: In Saints Row Gat Out of Hell, there are almost no any kind of homies (even though there's are some unused unique homies for this game), as both Gat and Kinzie playable characters have to do almost all fights against demons alone as the only help in this game is from Summoned Imps / Spare / Titans. Like in Gat out of Hell, Agents of Mayhem is pretty much in same state, as it also doesn't offer any homies help, and all Agents does all battles against LEGION alone. So when it comes to any help from homies, Agents of Mayhem is < (in fact, bit worse) than Saints Row Gat Out of Hell;
    Radio Stations: Saints Row Gat Out of Hell had only one radio station which cannot be listened by Gat or Kinzie, and only works for vehicles driven by Demons and husk NPCs. Agents of Mayhem appears will not feature any radiostaions at all, and NO any licensed music at all. This is one few exception where Agents of Mayhem = (is almost the same low state as) Saints Row Gat Out of Hell;
    Map: Saints Row Gat Out of Hell have only the average as size New Hades which mostly used buildings models from the Steelport from Saints Row The Third and Saints Row IV, which also have almost NO enterable places beside the Ultor Building (used for swapping Gat and Kinzie) and a maybe 1-2 more interiors for the entire map, therefore player can explore New Hades almost only outside and as average there aren't really any interesting places. On other side, appears Agents of Mayhem's map will be pretty large, based on Seoul, and appears it will have many interiors like in Saints Row The Third, or maybe even more, like was in first 2 Saints Row games. So here Saints Row Gat Out of Hell's map < (is truly worse than) Agents of Mayhem's one!
    Activities outside missions: Agents of Mayhem will probably offer many interesting stuff to do, like exploring interesting places and interiors to explore across it's beautiful Seoul map itself, changing outfits, and kill peoples with various unique techniques available for every agent (most likely) once player have finished the game 100%, unlike Saints Row Gat Out of Hell where once player completing all missions and takeovers (100% completion), then besides fighting enemy demons all over again, it offers almost nothing to do in free roam. So here Agents of Mayhem > (is going much better compared to) Saints Row Gat Out of Hell.

    If you really sum the advantages of Agents of Mayhem (NPC, playable characters, map and interiors, customization, vehicles, and weather), in every of these aspects Gat Out of Hell as content is in WORSE POSITION when compared to Agents of Mayhem, you can be sure! o_O:)
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  7. Doesn't it have some sort of coop too?
  8. Admixon

    Admixon Modding patch tester

    Read my second post above.