What targa to dds converter for win10

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by daspex, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    what kind of tga to dds converter ist the best one for the games dds files?
  2. Tga to dds?

    Paint.net. Its free and easy to use lol
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  3. Yeah, will try that one and also the bimp plugin for gimp.

  4. I think I asked the wrong question.I need a batch converter to convert a couple of files.Can't find an export filter for my 3d editor.
    DDSConverter converts the tga files easy but after converting the pegAssembler doesn't writes anything into the always loaded.gpeg.
    If i convert the targas with gimp the pegAssembler works fine but unfortunately gimp has no batch script or plugin for tga to dds conversion.
  5. this is the converter i tried out it works good so far but pegAssembler doesnt handles the files after conversion.
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  6. Did you tried dx5 compression without mipmaps?
  7. I used the default dx5 compression.
  8. upload_2018-10-4_2-27-54.png
    Still have no problem
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  9. Hm,I will try it with your settings and see if it works.
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