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  1. This is my take on a feature that was cut from the game, it allows you to change your weapon loadout from within your phone

    Due to lack of room in tabels I will be doing this as 2 seprate packs

    Pack 1 will have such weapons as Dubstep Gun, Blackhole Launcher, Murderbot Minigun
    Pack 2 will then have all the misc weapons that you cant normaly get in game
    (any homies that are lost due to to many entries will be made up by grouping them in 3's as squads)

    Extra details:
    The Penetrator now makes people explode when you hit them
    Will be swaping out radial menu slots to carry more than 1 special

    Weapons done so far:
    • Loud Locust
    • Warden Pistol (fully auto)
    • Mech Gun
    • Zinyak's Rocket Launcher
    • Handheld VTOL Gun
    • Dildo Bat
    • Murderbot Minigun
    • Paul's laser eye's(Mascot)
    • Dubstep Gun
    • Joe's Laddle(Buggy but fun)
    • Iron Saint
    *I know you could spawn weapons with the additional cheats pack but this mod will be used as a platform to test ported weapons from SRTT when I work out how



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  2. This is cool.
    However, I see some weapons that are quite unnecessary here. Dildo Bat spawns in one exact location, so does Loud Locust. Dubstep Gun is obvious.
    You might add both shields (ZinTek and riot, as I can see on your screenshot) and Murderbot Minethrower. It is a temporary weapon like their minigun.
  3. Im putting in weapons that I enjoy to use most and they are in ther so you can swap them out at any time and not have to go to a store its for ease of use pack 1 will be and im working on pack 2 it will have mine thrower and its a swap sheild in the screen shit but I might add zin sheild in as ou have requested

    I will prob also change some of the radial slots so you can have like more than one special at once
    and iv made the dildo bat make people explode ;D
  4. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    The Minethrower and Minigun aren't temporary if you unlocked them.
  5. I was referring to the weapons that are dropped from dead murderbots. They are in fact temporary unlike their unlockable counterparts.
  6. Just made a new weapon im going to add in dont know what pack I should put it in tho
    say hello to rocket pistols ;D they are dual weild and fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, iv been having so much fun with it, what do you guys think about it?

  7. very cool mod thanks :)
  8. Thank you very much, I hope you enjoy using it and keep an eye on this thread for more updates
    on both pack 1 and 2 :)
  9. Could someone send me a merged string file from this mod and the more superpower upgrades mod please? I like both mods the same amount and i am desperate for a merged file D:

    Also, i tried WinMerge on them both and i dont know how it works, so double please?
  10. You would have to link me to the mod you want to merge it with as I have no idea what mod your on about and you wont be able to merge strings with win merge , id prob need the unpacked txt for the string to me able to merge it,

    and the laser eye gun is a laser gun eye :p its what paul uses in the mission hes in, its just the weapon vfx are loaded from the instance rather than the weapon default locations

    if possible I will be adding in vfx and some random weapon model for any weapons that dont show up in game
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