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  1. it's daisy improve pants
  2. I downloaded the updated ports form Mediafire. I have no mods in my main folder and replaced the 3 files as directed but I have a hard time getting through the intro of a new game. It crashes. Also Shaundi's chest has some wild physics after I install it.
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  3. is there a list of all the ports?
  4. Note:
    For anyone having issues
    all tweaks and ports i have ever done are found in vipers compilation of greatest mods.
    please remove all mods then install as directed.
    all physics issues fixed and ports corrected.
    will show up as a whole different game based on beta 2009 version.
    please redirect to that thread and try as directed.
    (Must remove all mods from main directory or crashhing issues occur)
    Install then make any desired changes.

    Sorry for long reply but major laptop crash and lost everything, so just getting back into things.
    thank you for the replies and support.
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  5. Hey dude, i have one req....can you port the Hime Cut from SRIV to SRTT? If you can i'll be so happy because that hairstyle was my fav

    Btw that Long and Straight hairstyle works perfectly, thanks for that
  6. I am aware of this but all I really wanted was the hair and clothes. I'm not interested in everything but thanks for the reply.
  7. Found a new bug, not sure if is just me - if you save with the replaced debutante hair (The short one) the next reload will crash the game.
  8. nice when I tried it it didn't work for me
    how do you het saints row 4 clothes in saints row 3 ?
    ace , nice
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  9. ValeriyaMia

    ValeriyaMia Banned

    That's true, I did everything right but either I do not start up or something else, do what would be NPCs, clothes and hair and everything)
  10. Hi, thanks for the mods you made. It was fantastic . ;)
    I have a request.
    Can you port the SRIV (Boy cut) hairstyles to SRTT ? :)
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