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  1. First off many thanks to minimaul for the tools to do this as the batch files and programs are not easy to make;)

    Second: i did not make the asm updater provided, i am only providing it so you don't have to hunt for it. You should thank gameqube for the great tool;)

    Ever wanted your favorite characters, hairstyles and clothing ported from saints row 4 to srtt?

    Ever wanted to have cyrus vtol and badass weapons including dual wield police shotguns that can take out a tank and helicopter in one shot?

    Ever wanted to start the game invincible with all upgrades at level 50?

    Ever wanted homies that don't shoot like shit?

    Well this is the mod for you!!

    It's simple, just buy cash for respect for 500 dollars. Then buy cash for respect level 2 and 3 for 500 dollars and you are instantly at level 50.

    Changes are as follow:
    Cash multiplier boosted
    Cash for hos now 100,000 a week
    Respect modifier tripled
    Police shotguns moved to pistol slot and dual wield(one shot one explosion and fully automatic)
    Homies headshot and damage multiplier changed from 1.0 to 100.0(one shot one explosion

    Gat replaced with super gat from saints row4
    Shaundi replaced with presidential shaundi
    Kinzie replaced with kinzie presidential from saints row 4
    Pierce replaced with super pierce from saints row 4
    Super asha replaced #1 penthouse girl
    Asha prez replaced monica hughes
    Cyrus replaced with clothed cyrus from saints row 4

    Wife beater tease replaced three count top
    Daisy approved shorts replaced hoochie shorts

    Hair styles:
    Totes kawi removed due to download content
    Daisy long wavy replaced mid parted
    Funbob replaced guy with glasses
    Prom queen replaced short ponytail
    Topknot added

    1: Vehicles only show up properly if you start a new game.
    Example:Reward tank available at start of game now
    Saints Nforcer now available at start of game
    Cyrus vtol now available at start of game
    ( Instead of waiting til end of game and
    Homie vtol now delivers cyrus vtol)
    Shaundi now arives in saints nforcer
    Instead of 2dr car)
    Ui reward tank now available after
    Completing we need guns(1st mission and
    Homie tank now delivers ui reward tank)

    Warning:yes saints nforcer is dlc but is now part of dlc4 since not everyone could get
    The preorder pack so you are still paying for
    It! I simply made it a part of the game.

    2. Start a new game or garage and boat docks may crash.Many other things were changed and vehicles added.
    If having problems with garage( i added files to customize any vehicle excluding vtols and helicopters) remove the store vehicles.str2_pc and vint doc containers.

    Vehicles will only work correctly if you start a new game!!!!!

    Almost forgot, no weapon or weapon upgrades cost more than 100 dollars now:p

    Reuploaded due to bad upload

    Copy all items after extracted to main directory including asm updater folder.
    Open the asm updater folder (just to verify you should have a folder named asm updater in your main directory steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third).
    Run the top batch file and you should see a command prompt update everything for you.

    Screenshots: Screenshot8844.jpg Screenshot9505.jpg Screenshot10039.jpg Screenshot10770.jpg Screenshot11980.jpg Screenshot2516.jpg Screenshot16456.jpg Screenshot20045.jpg Screenshot20299.jpg Screenshot3880.jpg Screenshot19028.jpg Screenshot19731.jpg

    Any issues with this mod please notify me as soon as possible. I have reinstalled my game and retested the mod and all works well.

    This is compatable with srtt shiny clothes. Simply install srtt shiny clothes then add my mod replacing files and run asm updater to update the customize item.asm_pc

    New Updates:
    Includes sweetfx
    Customize any vehicle
    Time of day and weather mod
    Custmeshes updated
    Vehicle upgrades and customized
    Killshot upgrades

    Braided ponytail now replaces 50's hairstyle
    (Aka curlers)
    Daisy duke hairstyle now replaces queen bee
    (Found glitches in previous setup)
    Lacy camisole readded as i found no further issues with crashes(replaces candy girl top at nobody loves me)
    Long bouffant hairstyle now replaces long and wavy

    All colors now available from saints row 4
    (Skin colors added,make up colors,hair colors
    and additional clothing and vehicle colors)

    Future additions:
    Working on editing meelee moves to a more
    stylish attack(not superpowers just modifying the moves similar to super beatdowns)

    If you want to use chrome paint mod use candy jet black.

    You should only have to update the asm if adding additional clothing!!!!!!!!

    Must start a new game for vehicles to work properly or garage and boat docks may crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do not ask to port dlc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you only want certain parts of this mod just ask and i can help you with which files you need and changes made if asked.

    Any issues with this mod notify asap!!!!!!!

    In updated version if you don't want to jump
    to level 50 from the start and want to earn the respect level by level just don't buy cash for respect.

    Custom setups made upon request;)

    I have now added a custom player skin creation that adds extra skin colors such as metalic colors created by crazy saint. Many thanks to him allowing me to add this to my tweaks and ports. Original download of the tweaks and ports already contains sr4 skin colors and makeup colors and clothing colors and vehicle colors. Crazy saint's player skin creation adds some of his custom skin colors that may be enjoyable for many players and is being added as a second download. Any issues with this mod please notify me or crazy saint as soon as possible and will be resolved as we do not want to be providing any mods that would hurt your gameplay in any way.

    In addition please notify me as soon as possible if you have any issues with any mods provided here so it can be resolved immediatly. Any and all requests will be met at my earliest conveniance.

    Also a great addition to these tweaks and ports would be my black and chrome gun collection . For screenshots and additional options please visit this thread:

    This is a collection of more than just black and chrome guns as it has many of players requested weapons and more than ten different 45's to choose from and several different options on other weapons as well such as 5 different decker sword variations. This is also the only gun collection to ever have a gun and leather suit(ultor assasin) with 3d effects. There are 3 different ultor assasin suits to choose from. The colt custom has 3d effects( flames on barrel flicker from blu to purple like a fireplace when moved). downloadfile.jpeg downloadfile-2.jpeg downloadfile-5.jpeg downloadfile-3.jpeg downloadfile-4.jpeg downloadfile-1.jpeg

    I am adding an additional download for those people who only want the clothing and hairstyle ports. this contains no additional characters or tweaks changes. this does include my personal collection of shiny clothes. these where edited myself with a hexediter with the information provided by superdemus thread srtt shiny clothes. without his guidance I would have never figured out how to do this. as usual any issues with this mod please notify me immediately.
    I am adding a copy of the prom queen hairstyle. This replaces the loose ponytail. The srtt clothes and ports contains the long and wavy hairstyle in this place already. For those of you who prefer the prom queen hairstyle simply download the prom queen.rar file provided after extracted to your main directory overwriting the old one. Open the asm updater folder in your main directory(just to verify you should have a folder in your main directory steam/steamapps/common/saints row the third) and run the top windows batch file that says after addition or change and you will see a command prompt come up and update everything for you. Start the game and loose ponytail is now prom queen hairstyle.

    Viper's srtt tweaks and ports updated

    This is a simple copy and paste to game
    Black and chrome gun collection included
    Shiny clothes edited by viper venom
    Ultor assasin suit mod (viper goddess suit)
    All asm files updated

    Extract using 7zip or winrar
    Copy all files to your main directory( steam/steam apps/common/saints row the third)
    Just to verify you should have a folder named asm updater in your main directory( this tool is required for any mods including asm_pc or str2_pc files and must remain in your main directory for future use).

    For any newbies(no offense to anyone)
    Any and all modified files must remain in your main directory. This is required for any mod. The game recognizes anything in the main directory before the games preloaded files.
    Anytime you add or change files(str2_pc , custmeshes, or equivelent you must open that asm updater folder in your main directory and run the top windows batch file that says after addition or changes. If you remove one of these files you must open the asm updater folder in your main directory and run the bottom windows batch file that says after removal of file. This is provided as easy alternative created by gameqube to gibbed tools. It uses gibbed tools to update all files necessary just made more user friendly.

    Any problems or questions with this mod or requests will done at my earliest covenience.
    Any texture requests can also be done.

    Main download contains kinzie presidential outfit from saints row 4.
    I am adding an additional download for super kinzie as many players gave requested both.
    Simply download the super kinzie file and replace existing files from the original mod.
    Open the asm updater folder and run top batch file to update the character_containers.asm_pc

    This is a working port of croyton facelift and long and straight from sriv.

    Download and extract. Copy all files including the asm updater folder to main directory. Then go to packfiles, pc, cache and replace the preloadrigs.vpp file(must be there for files to load correctly). Open the asm updater folder in main directory and run the top windows batch file. A windows command prompt will pop up and update all asm_pc files in your main directory. These files came straight from my game files so I know it works. Any issues feel free to ask and I will help you fix it immediately. Croyton facelift replaced the beehive hairstyle and the long straight replaced the loose ponytail.
    The preload rigs.vpp file may have issues working with sandbox++
    The preload rigs.vpp file must work and be replaced for hairstyle to load correctly
    Beta 2009 mod has mission replay with no forced outfits, wardrobe color changer, customize any vehicle, and super speed.
    Recommend it because it is highly compatable and contains over 90 percent of my work here for the last year. Only a few options of sandbox++ are not available in the beta 2009 mod.
    For anyone wanting all clothing items and hairstyles i have ever ported only.
    This is a link to everything i have ported for the last year i have been here.
    This is not sandbox friendly!
    Do not save the game wearing the lacy camisole port(replaced the candy girl tank top at nobody loves me) or the game will crash on reload).

    This is done this way because because too many people have problems updating the asm_pc files or just flat out crashing their game.
    Download and extract the .rar file.
    Copy and replace the given .vpp files in packfiles/pc/cache folder
    Remove any custmesh files and customize item.asm_pc file in main directory
    (will conflict with this mod)
    Back up old files please!!!
    This contains every hairstyle, clothing and modified clothes i have done including dlc
    This contains items never listed here
    Link to files:
    Any issues, notify me immediatly!!!

    Attached Files:

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  2. I'll be happy to have a Pierce that won't die so easily
  3. That is fixed lol. And shaundi and gat are crackshots too.
    If any problems with that or i uploaded wrong file let me know and i will fix it. After a few days no sleep i hope i uploaded the updated file for that lol.

    By the way shaundi now arives in saints suv now.
  4. And if anyone cares you now start the game off with avout 8 million dollars:p if you buy the cash for respect
  5. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    So porting stuff from SR4 work ?
    And btw, when I see something you made, it's always great !
  6. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, game freezes when I enter the crib. When I try to go to garage by using elevator - infinite loading. When i try to load any older savegame - infinite loading. :( :(
    EDIT: Nevermind. I had to delete one of your previous mod :p
    EDIT2: Can't change hairstyle.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
  7. Isn't the Totes Kawaii hairstyle DLC?
  8. All this in a 19mb archive ,nice :)

    Will this work ok with the new Steam update ?
    The update is meant to be mainly Jap. Language files but i think one or two other game files might have changed as well.
    ignore this comment ,it's the wrong game update i was talking about.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
  9. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    I don't know. That mod doesn't work for me correctly.

    cRAZYSAINT Modding patch tester

    could you add super kinzie as a option cause she is so sexy XD lol
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