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  1. Ok, give me 5 minutes and i will fix your problem;)
  2. Here. Copy the entire asm updater folder and customize_item.asm_pc file and the custmesh you want to use to your main directory with the saints row the third.exe file. Open the asm updater folder and run the top windows batch file that says update after changes. A small windows command prompt will pop up and update all asm_pc files in your main directory. Launch the game and done. This asm updater works for all asm_pc files in the game. So leave it in your main directory for future use. In lamens terms, after you change or add any mods that have an asm_pc file in it you can now update it without all the hassle. If you remove a mod simply open the as updater folder and run the bottom windows batch file. Any problems just let me know.

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  3. Thank you.
  4. Work ok?
  5. Well it made some of the other mods by you work but it still crashes with the ultor assassin reskin. At least I got custom gun skins now :)
  6. What mods you running? Need to know so i can fix it
  7. Try this if you want. Has all my ported items and clothing mods all packed into the packfiles. Simply download and extract. You will see some packfiles. Copy to your packfiles/pc/cache folder and replace existing packfiles. Back up old files first in case you don't like it. Remove any custmeshes from main directory and the customoze_item.asm_pc file.
  8. May like some of my body mods too. Screenshot21272.jpg Screenshot21427.jpg
  9. Im not running any other mods except your gang customization mod since i just reinstalled SR3.
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