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  1. Well to start off for those of you who don't know what a cyphersuit is it is aka Ultor Assassin suit;).
    Next, not too many people ever redid the cyphersuit besides Gameqube and My friend Voltarox.
    I think I have Made so many I lost count lol. All my suits are scattered all over my forums so I decided to start a new thread for them. Requests are always welcome of course. Just post me picture of how you want it to lk and I will do my best to accomidate. Anyone who has ever retextured the cyphersuit has done great work and that is what inspired me to toy with it. I decided to get a little more creative with the suit however. I tried to make it look more appealing show we say. Now just to verify, as a few people actualy thought I was chopping up the suit with 3ds max or something, I simply retextured over the top of the same leather suit. I can't say I made too bad of creative work. Now my first attempts weren't the greatest, but as I kept trying I started to succeed at what I wanted to achieve.
    To start off I would like to start with my favorite one modeled after a picture I saw and named this one the sexy cypher suit:p
    Came out pretty good considering I modeled it after a fantasy wallpaper:
    I also plan on attempting to turn a decker sword into the one in the picture to go with the outfit:p.

    Next up is a sexy oiled Caucasian double dragon I created . I saw these dragons and had to create something
    special out of them:):
    Screenshot8385.jpg Screenshot8791.jpg
    Not too bad a little shading here and there:rolleyes:.

    Next we have a simple blue jean outfit that loks like something shaundi should wear;). Kind of her style of outfit. I called this one the blue jean babe outfit and I got pretty graphic with this one. I used the actual arm textures, chest, ass and stomach:p:
    Screenshot4681.jpg Screenshot5130.jpg
    I thought she turned out pretty sexy myself but that's just the artist opinion I suppose:p.

    Next I want to show a requested item, maya from badlands 2. maya_by_dagnyt1989-d5w0f2s.jpg Screenshot10552.jpg Screenshot10713.jpg Screenshot11070.jpg Screenshot11499.jpg
    Not too shabby for modeling a cartoon and the tattoo wasn't easy:p

    Next up we have what I called the black saint because of the black spandex jeans and purple design on the shirt;):
    Screenshot13374.jpg Screenshot13733.jpg
    Turned out fairly sexy;)

    Next in line is the jade dragon. I called it that because of the jade necklace and dragon belt:
    Screenshot7480.jpg Screenshot7802.jpg
    Nice little outfit:)

    Next in line we have the simple but sexy ultor dragon. My sexy little daisy duke on a warpath lmao:p
    Screenshot14085.jpg Screenshot14299.jpg

    Last but not least we have on requested by my great friend Admixon;). This was his request around Christmas so I called it the ultor Christmas. Not to bad. Oiled Caucasian skin tone, Sexy diamond necklace and real body textures And retextured the boots to look more like she was wearing heels with a diamond bracelet;)
    Screenshot4325.jpg Screenshot4821.jpg
    Not too bad I suppose.

    Now I want to point out that a lt of these outfits have my custom retextured israli 45 autos in the holster so decided to include them as an optional downlad. These are part of my Viper's Black and chrome gun collection And Custom mods thread if any of you would be interested in looking at the rest of my gun collection;). All my guns are pretty realistic and unmistakable;). My good friend Voltarox got me started on how to do all this and the more I try the better I get I suppose just like every other modder is this community. I also want to thank Everyone here for the continued support such as Fan of Saints, Admixon, Voltarox an unpopular asian guy and everyone else that supported my work;). Anyways this is a small design of the Israeli 45's I did:
    I modeled them after this gun as requested by Rastaman289
    This has been included as an optional download of course as I already pointed out:)

    Any requests are more than welcome and I hope you like my work:).
    My most worked with is the oiled Hispanic skin tone since it has the least glare to the chest but most of the suits are compatable with oiled Caucasian skin tone.

    This is just a small mod to add a little variety to the Ultor Assassin users out there;)

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  2. Well at least fan of Saints had the kindness to like my work. Thanks for the roses Fan of Saints:)
  3. Thanks for the like Imperator Furiosa:)
  4. rastaman289

    rastaman289 Modding patch tester

    I'd just like to point out something, it's not "badlands 2" but "borderlands 2" .
  5. Thanks rasta. I never played the game lol, just found the picture for what he requested. Not bad for replicating a cartoon though:p
  6. Thank you for the like Quantum:D. Any request, just throw me a picture of how you want it to look and I will do my best;)
  7. I'm having a bit of a problem with the mod since if I look at the costume in my wardrobe, in a store menu or wearing it, it crashes the game so is there a solution to it. Like your work by the way.
  8. Sounds like you didn't update the asm files. That is why when you go to view it, it crashes the game. It recognizes the file is there but not that it has been updated. Is there an asm updater folder with this mod? It has been a while since i checked?
  9. Nope. Just the skin meshs and the screenshots.
  10. Do you have a file called customize_item.asm_pc in your main directory with your saints row the third.exe file?
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