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V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Erza Scarlet, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Don't know what I did wrong, but for some reason it keeps reverting back to the original character after I finish creating my own.
  2. Can anyone answer this question? The custom character thing kinda breaks the game for me and he reverts back to Gat any how so I kinda just want the cheat menu. Is this possible?
  3. hey why when i press esc then it freeze please fix this sorry for my bad english i am from vietnam
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  4. i saved a car and i want to customize it but every time i try its disappears
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  5. i have an issue when i press the Esc button the game crashs
  6. I am unable to get this to work. I followed the instructions but when launch the Cheats menu which has nothing in it, it asks for the cheat code. I assume hitting the control + down arrow (for store) is all I need but it's not accepted. What am I doing wrong?
  7. For the cheats itself, you still need to enter them via keyboard. As for the key bindings themselves, have you shifted them to the default settings like the readme states?
  8. Thank you for the reply. I followed the instructions for the key bindings but will check that again. When I click on Cheats, it asks for the code. I press the control button and the down arrow. Is that the correct way to add a cheat code or should I be entering something else?
  9. It's not, actually. The 'control-Down' cheat is to be done outside of a menu. The cheat menu is for typed in cheats, such as ones that give all weapons, things like that.