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V6 - Cheats + Phone + Store menu in Gat out of Hell

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by Erza Scarlet, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Same here. If only the maker would share some light on the subject or update or fix that would be great:)
  2. I think it was already asked, but, is there a way to only have cheats enabled without the other feats?
    I've tried removing some files from the directory, needless to say it didn't work very well.

    Sorry for necro'ing this thread, though.
  3. spike10164

    spike10164 Modding patch tester

    Does this happen to anyone else? I can't call any homies and I can't recruit anyone, and when I do call someone there is no pick up line or anything, and when I go back into the game no homies showed up.

    Edit: I just read more comments and saw the mod for the homies and stuff.
  4. for some reason it just wont work for me idk what to do i have tried everything but it won't work
  5. can you pls update it?
  6. spike10164

    spike10164 Modding patch tester

    Did you download all the required mods?
  7. yes i did but nothing works
  8. spike10164

    spike10164 Modding patch tester

    Did you actually buy Saints Row GOOH?
  9. yes
  10. Playing this game with this mod has been a blast so far! It's working fairly well 'n stuff. $15 on Steam ain't bad.

    I have a few questions though. I can't get my character's hair to display (have to wear a mask or a hat to make it so Kenzie's hair doesn't display), and the Taunts I select at Image as Designed don't apply either.

    I feel like there's probably a workaround for both of these, or perhaps I need to uninstall the "Saints Row IV clothing in Gat out of Hell" mod, fix some things, then re-install that one maybe.

    Thanks for any replies!

    Edit: Hair is working, but taunts are still stuck on the Angel one and Touchdown slide for the most part.
    Last edited: May 23, 2016