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Discussion in 'Ask Volition!' started by ItsIggy, Oct 26, 2019.

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  1. Hello! I have been mulling over these questions in my head for a while now regarding the upcoming PC patch of Saints Row 2.

    Question 1: The initial port of Saints Row 2 on PC had very low resolution HDR, motion blur, and ambient occlusion. Will the update fix this so that these effects scale with the resolution, or are improved in any other way?

    Question 2: Will this upcoming patch have any songs removed due to expired copyright licenses?

    Question 3: When viewing cut scenes that take place in the Saints' Hideout from prologue missions change to fit the characters dialogue. For example: In the current PC version after defeating all 3 gangs and viewing a cut scene from the prologue the Boss will say that the hideout looks awful, however the hideout still looks fully upgraded so that wouldn't make much sense would it?

    Question 4: Will there be a framerate limit?

    Question 5: Can we expect an alternate controller scheme that closely resembles Saints Row 3/4/GoH controls?
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  2. no songs are getting removed. idol confirmed this multiple times. also i'm pretty sure all the major bugs are going to be fixed including graphical bugs
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    Performance, stability, DLC, and multiplayer are the 4 main focuses and all that can be commented on.
  4. Aswell as an updated GotR to work along with it upon launch.
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    Also, regarding your request for a fix to the Saints HQ post gang takeover, it can be done for mission replay easily, but replaying cutscenes are a little trickier to fix.
  6. I understand, I'm hoping to still get official answers to at least a few of my questions.
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  8. Regarding the Saints Hideout/Crib

    When re-playing cut-scenes and missions that take place in the Saints Hideout after the Hideout has been upgraded, it appears in its upgraded form at points in the story when it is supposed to look run down. This leads to oddites such as when replaying "Down Payment", Saints appear in the hideout with the Sons of Samedi, Playa still comments on the Hideout being "kind of a shit hole", and Johnny Gat comments about adding a stripper pole when one is already there.

    Copy/pasted from the Wiki, looks like it's the same across all platforms (working as intended, even) — also Vogel's comment about getting a tetanus shot is scripted, the HQ's current conditions won't change it. ("Room Service" Mission, Ronin story-arc.)
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