The Cabinet: White House Outfits for Homies - V2.2 released! 3 Recolors and Ship Homies replacer!

Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by GM1111001, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Yeah, it's a real shame. God I can't wait for that SDK lol.
  2. Me to its going to be epic I had so much fun with the Call of Duty - World at War SDK and the Left 4 Dead SDK so much fun, evan tho the tools we have atm are pretty epic its just alot of table editing more than any thing some nice interface's would be lovley
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  3. Yeah, GUIs FTW. :D
  4. I encountered a bug where Kinzie wasn't her federal self but a random superpowered Saint.
  5. Are you using the included Character.xtbl? If you are not, that will definitely happen.
  6. I am using the Character.xtbl, but all characters except Kinzie are themselves.
  7. I'll take a look at the files, see what the problem is.

    Edit: Can you send me your character.xtbl and homies.xtbl?
  8. Yup Hoeward has him in his new homies mod and I have a squad of them in my OP backup wish people would search forum before posting :p
    and dont think warden is possible I did small warden mod before and hoeward has done tranform into warden mod, problem with warden as homie is to make him work and not attack you, you would have to take out the code that makes him be the warden such as his powers and then that would effect the main npc that is on the zin side and if its team is changed you might just get stuck with warden spawned in :') unless you can find work around
  9. Yeah, I definitely ran into some of these problems, I'm thinking of dropping it for now and working on a few bugfixes/improvements to the mods I've already released.
  10. Ye bug fix's is all iv been doing last few days still cant get bugs worked out in my 1950's mod and every one iv spoke to has no idea why the bug is happening -.-

    iv got a good idea for you dont know if you would be intrested but giving the prez homies custom colour palettes iv been considering doing it to some of my mods for while but aint had time with all projects iv got on go aswell as bug fix's
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