The Cabinet: White House Outfits for Homies - V2.2 released! 3 Recolors and Ship Homies replacer!

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    Ever wanted your homies to wear those stylish White House uniforms they had in the beginning while kicking ass in the simulation? Well now they can! I have covered:

    Ben King
    Keith David

    As of 10.11.13, I have covered all possible homies.

    MAJOR UPDATE! Version 2 includes a modified hud_us.le_strings so now the White House homies have different names and descriptions from their normal counterparts!


    Update v2.2: Recolors are here! Only 3 colors have been done so far, and only for Shaundi (she's the easiest to do). But there is more to come!

    Even Shaundi is excited, and we all know that's rare!

    Also Introducing: White House Outfits for Spaceship Homies (and street threads for Gat)! Enjoy socializing with your Homies on the Ship, now with more stylish outfits! Note: I do realize this kind of thing has been done before. However, this is my custom version that I made by myself.

    In-depth Explanation

    This mod adds copies of the main character Homies (Shaundi, Asha, others listed above) that are wearing the clothes they wear during the mission, "The Saints Wing" AKA the White House outfits to the phone contacts list. They will be right at the top, and are named, "White House (Shaundi, Kinzie, etc)". Also, they keep their super powers, because what's SRIV without them? Though if there is demand I can try to remove the powers. Just to clarify, this is not a replacer, but and add-on. The original homies will be unaffected. Please note, this does not completely apply to the optional mods.

    Optional Mods Explanation

    Recolors: Changes the colors of the White House Homies based on the options you select. The recolors will affect the Cabinet in the mission, "The Saints Wing". Not Complete.

    White House Outfits for Spaceship Homies: Replaces the Homies on the Spaceship with their White House variants [Johnny Gat doesn't have one, so he gets his signature outfit (the purple and white jacket etc)]. Complete.
    This mod is intended for post-endgame. There may be issues if you try to play through the campaign with this mod in use. But feel free to try :).


    None so far, please notify me if you discover any.

    Future Plans

    Adding Ben King and Keith David as White House homies.

    Changing names and description of White House Homies in the phone contacts list.

    Outfit Recolors - partially completed (thanks to Mask Mods for the idea!)

    Mod History
    (12/2/13) V2.2 Release, added 3 Shaundi Recolors and Spaceship Homies replacement addon.
    (10/12/13) V2 Release, added modified hud_us.le_strings with White House homies
    (10/11/13): V1.1 Release, added Ben King and Keith David to the list
    (10/10/13): Mod Release

    Special Thanks
    Mask Mods: For helping me learn how to mod Saints Row IV :).
    Corrodias: For his guide on merging mods - while not directly used in this mod, it helped me understand a lot.
    Minimaul: For the tools.
    Bloodjack: For the PSD template. and it's creators: For being awesome!
    Volition and Deep Silver: For making Saints Row IV.

    Images - Sorry if they're bad, I'm not good at taking screenshots. Looks a lot better in-game.

    Alien weapons not included





    And now for the best of them all...

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  2. Couldn't use character.xtbl for some local compatibility reasons, but homies alone got me workimg shaundi and that was actually all I craved for xD great one, thanks.
  3. You're very welcome :)

    Yeah, characters.xtbl is only used for making sure the White House homies keep their original weapons (for example, Shaundi may no longer have her SMG). I'm glad you like the mod :)
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I like that it adds the homies instead of replacing. :)
  5. Thanks, IdolNinja :)
  6. Any plans for non-loyalty mission Homies as well? The ability to switch between their Super Suits, their Whitehouse Outfits, and their Street Threads, without having to swap Mods would be nice.

    ...and Super Powered Genki Homie. We need a Super Genki on our phone. :p
  7. I could actually do all that, I think. I don't have experience changing icons, so they would all look the same though in the phone, which could be confusing. I'm actually working on a Warden homie mod right now.

    Edit: Professor Genki is included in hoeward's New Homies mod, so if you want him use that one.
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  8. Fan of Saints

    Fan of Saints Modding patch tester

    If someone wants, here's my own version. It replaces default SR3 Shaundi, Pierce and Kinzie models with White House ones (if you finished their loyality missions they'll still arrive in their Superhero outfit). I didn't use any files from that mod, I created it from scratch. Have fun. :)

    UPDATE: Removed the old version, download the new one here.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2015
  9. If you want to, you should release this on the mod page, especially if it was done from scratch. You'll get more views that way :D

    Though I see how it would make sense to keep all the White House stuff in one place.
  10. I have my own version of this to :') thers no point 3 of us posting the same mod tho :') it was one of first mods I made when I was working out how to do shit also done space saints but thers a limited amount of npc's, realy want to import models from SRTT but it wont let me repack the files if I do :(
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