[TEXTURE] *UPDATE* The Real Iron Saint armor MK2 and MK3

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  1. [​IMG]


    UPDATE :
    Black Iron Saint by xTrogdorx


    Install instructions :

    Drag and drop All 3 files ,custmesh_1303021830.str2_pc,custmesh_1303021830f.str2_pc and customize_item.asm_pc
    in your Saints Row IV root directory (...\steam\SteamApps\common\Saints Row IV)

    If you already have a "customize_item.asm_pc" in your Saints Row IV root directory,
    Then drag/drop only the 2 str2_pc files.
    Download and unzip in the root SRIV folder Minimaul's Saints Row IV tools here :
    Run "ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.Stream2Update.exe" to update the "customize_item.asm_pc".

    CREDIT :
    IdolNinja because fuck yeah he made it happen!
    Minimaul For those wonderfull tools!
    Konrann for the perfect tutorial explaining how to customize textures.
    Bring the Noise Helping me understand how to share already packed textures.


    Thanks to Holy Cowlick on youtube.

    UPDATE 23/11/16 :
    As i'm not in SRIV a lot anymore and I saw the steam workshop update, I thought I'd stop here to make things clear, If you want to port/use/compile/retexture/date/have children with...etc my mod, feel free to do so! (remember stay safe!) If you could just credit me in some way it would be a plus. Cheers!​

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  2. Well, I downloaded it and followed your instructions to the letter.
    Here's a screenshot of the result!

    I like it, thank you!

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  3. That looks pretty bad ass actually.

    Curious though... shouldn't you be able to pack the texture and distribute it, so we don't have to repack? Maybe I missed something but I thought that worked fine.
  4. A packed str2_pc's and a "customize_item.asm_pc" would be a good idea for a stand alone mode.

    Along with instructions in the readme that state...
    If you already have a "customize_item.asm_pc" in your SRIV root directory (IE from other mods).
    Then install the str2_pc's in the SRIV root folder and run the SRIV Tools "ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.Stream2Update.exe" to undate the "customize_item.asm_pc".

    This would allow people to add it to other mods that call on the "customize_item.asm_pc" and do alot less work on there end (kiss method for the customer).

    Just a thought.
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  5. T3T


    I would love to see the Iron Saint Outfit with Three (if that's the max) colorable channels. That would be the coolest.

    Although I do like this recolor a lot. Very nice.
  6. True, but I though it would be a good idea if everyone get used to the manipulation right from the start.

    EDIT: Hoooo I see now! Yeah you're totaly right! let me repack everything!

    I could make the texture with the right colors for the Customisation (the Red/green/blue thing), BUT i'm not good enough to "unlock" the color customisation,
    If anyone know how to, i'll be glad to deliver the said texture set.
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  7. I love this!, Once i can get on SRIV -Its not letting me cuz of steam-, Ill post a pic of it in game.
  8. T3T


    Great, thanks for that, dude. Hope someone can help out with this.
  9. @Bloodjack

    Dude, you are totally GODSENT!
    Just a couple of days ago it occurred to me that the iron saint would look nicer if it has a "Saint Purple" color with "fluer de saints" logo on the chest and...BAM!
    Here I am posting a comment of gratitude to you :D

    Your work is much appreciated!
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  10. look very good, this armor remember me an armor from mass effect "reckon armor or name like this" ;)
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