SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.7 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

Could you tell me what the modules part at the top of your sr3_city.lua file is for and how to best use it?
I would like to build my NPC mod using SuperUI as a foundation and make a script similar to Random Encounters that sends enemies after you at random.
Sadly anything I try to write in the modules section, just makes most of the things called for by function sr3_city_main() not work.

Credit where it's due, ofcourse. SuperUI is probably one of the best mods I've seen around here. It's really good and adds things I didn't expect possible.

"Modules" are makeshift scheme I came up with to make multiple "sr3_city.lua" mods co-existable without too much effort.

All SR games up until SRGOOH can load loose Lua scripts from the game's directory, and these Lua files can embed contents of another Lua file via "include" command. (kinda like #include directive in C or C++)

You can take a look at some of my simpler mods like Dock and Hanger Crib Triggers and Drowning as sample codes. Make sure you look both the included sr3_city.lua and the module Lua file. The important rule is launching the module's main function must be done via "thread_new" function (starts a coroutine, more info) so the script's program flow doesn't get interrupted.

Also: I'm currently taking a break from SR modding due to... my personal life and surroundings. Sorry if my explanation doesn't make any sense.