SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.5 (Detailed Notoriety HUD, Enhanced Crib Menu & more!)

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  1. SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.3 released.

    v1.3 (October 26, 2020)
    * You can always enable gamepad button prompts by changing "SUI_BUTTON_PROMPTS" in vint_lib.lua to 1, or always use keyboard prompts by setting it to 2.
    * You can change thousands separator (default ',') to a whitespace (' ') by changing "SUI_USE_SPACE_SEPARATOR" to true in vint_lib.lua. This option will also change decimal separator (default '.') to a comma (',') in Stats menu.
    * Save/Load menu animations are now faster when accessed from Pause Menu.
    * Added Lua error handler (shows a message if something in Lua goes wrong)
    * The mod no longer forces the faster screen fade in the following places due to glitches:
    ** Stronghold Upgrade Purchased screen ("Upgraded" banner does not show up if alpha fade is forced)
    ** "My Name is Cyrus Temple" (end cutscene cuts out early)

    Nope. "Things To Do In Steelport" mod has several UI mods that are incompatible with SuperUI.
    From mod's page: "This package doesn't support any other mods. If you want to keep your mods, you'll have to merge files manually - I recommend this guide."

    I've looked into it. Unfortunately PS3 icons are not in the game's files. (change vint_lib.lua's SUI_PLATFORM = "PC" to SUI_PLATFORM = "PS3", and all button icons become grey squares.)
  2. That's a shame. I wonder if there's a way to extract them from PS3's version.
  3. SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.4 released.

    v1.4 (November 9, 2020)
    * "SUI_BUTTON_PROMPTS" flag now correctly affects QTEs.
    * Added "SUI_GOG" flag to vint_lib.lua. Menus unusable for GOG version such as Online Co-op are disabled if this flag is true. (This is not the official GOG support, but would still be useful for GOG users)
    * Removed the "repair cost" system for Stored Vehicle Delivery because it is broken; the $500 cost is not actually deducted from your cash and the $500 cost remains even if the vehicle is in perfect condition.
    * Rim Jobs:
    ** Added a workaround for the game's bug that sometimes Nitrous and Kneecappers are shown as not equipped even if you've already upgraded them.
    ** Disabled the ability to purchase Nitrous and Kneecappers for Tanks because these have no effects.
    ** You can no longer buy new colors or wheels for ASP tank because the former does nothing and the latter will crash the game.
    * m21.lua "Murderbrawl XXXI":
    ** Fixed the bug that Killbane gets stuck in ground after the first QTE if the player is using their own clothes (SUI_OUTFIT = false).
    ** Added more checkpoints during Killbane fight in the case he still gets stuck.
    * dlc3_m02.lua "Tour de Farce": Fixed the bug that the skip trigger doesn't work.

    Regarding PS button prompts, I'm currently asking the original author Blackbird for permission to incorporate DualShock 3/4 mod (Controller+Buttons).

    EDIT: I got the permission! I'll include optional DualShock button prompts in v1.5.
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  4. superui_srtt_help.png
    SuperUI for SRTT Classic v1.5 released.
    v1.5 (November 12, 2020)
    * Added a modified version of Blackbird's DualShock 3/4 mod. Follow the instructions in the "PlayStation Button Prompts" section for more info.
    * Added "Help" menu which lets you view most of the tutorial messages. The items in the old Extras menu have been moved to the last page of Help menu.

    Note: v1.5 is now compressed with 7-Zip (*.7z) format in order to reduce file size. If you can't extract, make sure to install 7-Zip tool.
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  5. so... when I trip to open the crib menu from the phone, it open Imagine as Designed (plastic surgery) and when I exit out of it, the game freezes in a load screen

    (disclaimer: I have a few mods installed)
  6. It sounds like you didn't install the "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" file. (The crib menu in the phone is actually "initial character customization" mission, and a modded mission script is needed for proper functionality.)
    Place the included "patch_compressed.vpp_pc" file to SRTT's cache directory. (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third\packfiles\pc\cache)
  7. firstly: thanks! I've installed a mod there before and it messed with the player model, so I was afraid

    secondly: it's 3 in the morning! go to sleep friend!
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