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  1. First
    It's not about it would work or not !!
    GOG and Steam are the same, I meant I can't get the files, cause it's only for Steam users, ( you should have Steam and the game through it, that's what I meant )
    To be honest, I don't have Sandbox+

    What I'm trying to say....
    Steam files work on GOG as well, but the problem here, I don't have the game as a Steam version or even Steam itself!!!! It's just GOG, you know....
    Maybe ( if it's possible and the admins would be okay with that ), bring some of steam mods here on this website and I will download them immediately! Lol :D:D
  2. Admixon

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    The problem is releasing mods on Steam is much more easier but still you can't upload everything.
  3. Yeah, I got you....
  4. I don't own the GOG versions of Saints Row The Third, IV, and Gat out of Hell, but I want to know how much of the game's content and files are different.

    Currently I know the following differences from various sources:

    * For both SRTT and SRIV, menu entries for My Steelport features are removed from Main Menu, Image as Designed, and Wardrobe. (Source: SRTT GOG My Steelport Enabler) Likely due to different menu files, my "Menu Theme Override" mod do not work in GOG version.
    * Functions for My Steelport is partially disabled in SRTT. The executable file is modified so the game thinks it's always offline.
    * Functions for My Steelport is removed almost completely from the executable file in SRIV.
    * For SRIV, Camera option in HUB does remain. Trying to access it without GOG Galaxy gives us an error message not present on Steam release: "You must Go Online in GOG Galaxy to use this feature or re-connect to the Internet to use this feature." (Source: Saints Row Wiki at FANDOM) But if you have GOG Galaxy, the game gives a different error "***_***_PRIV_DENIED". (Source: GOG Forum Topic "Saints row IV: Can't connect to community content?")

    * SRTT has no online play, LAN only. (Source: SRTT GOG Store Page "NOTE: Multiplayer is available only through a LAN connection")
    * SRIV and GOOH have online play, but require GOG Galaxy for doing so and can only play with other GOG users.
    * SRTT's LAN play can only be played with another GOG copy. For SRIV, LAN play between GOG and Steam versions are possible but might cause issues. (Source: GOG Forum Topic "Do all the Saints Row games have LAN coop?")
    * SRTT is missing Achievements. Other games have Achievements via GOG Galaxy.

    * In SRTT, DLCs can be blocked by editing "gog.ini" or using a tool called "DLC Blocker". (Source: GOG Forum Topic "To be stickied: SR3 DLC disabling and SR2 port report and mod")

    Things I don't know:

    * How many of vpp_pc files are different from their Steam counterpart? I know files related to menus are probably different, but what about others?
    * Is Camera option still present, sitting uselessly in SRTT?
    * How much of text has been modifed? I know SRIV has a new error message for Camera, but what others?
    * Is it possible to block DLCs in SRIV? If so, how?

    FYI, Saints Row 2 is 100% identical between Steam and GOG except the executable file. GOG version's exe file has no DRM and added 30FPS limit.
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  5. I'm also wondering just what differences are in the game too. Is it not possible to acquire the game via gog connect anymore? I'm willing to answer these questions for you if that's not possible anymore, that's how I acquired the GOG version.
  6. GOG Connect was very limited time offer and I did not have SRTT, SRIV, and GOOH back then. I don't think GOG Connect will ever return (there were no GOG Connect events in any of recent GOG sales) so outside help like you are well needed.
  7. SRTT:

    Yes the camera button is still there on the phone.

    Can check certain texts I guess. But one thing I can tell you is in the main menu the steam matchmaking option has not been removed and even searches for a game, obviously on an endless loop but the game doesn't crash and you can back out as normal.

    I've posted 2 comparison screen shots of disk size below. Like the packfiles folder, videos is obviously the same, and the GOG version has a bunch of junk in the root folder, like the game manual and extra language installer. Steam is left and GOG is right.

  8. Thank you for reporting! I'm surprised that both packfiles folders of SRTT have exact same sizes.

    Is the Community option on Main Menu still exist on your GOG version?
    If not, are there any *.str2_pc and *.asm_pc files on the GOG version's root folder?
    If so, I assume Volition has "modded out" the My Steelport features. In this case, the GOG version of SRTT is about 95% identical; only differences being different exe files and a couple of "preinstalled mods", and so most mods will work after removing these "preinstalled mods".
  9. No.


    Idolninja said that what happened is they gave CD Projekt the games and then THEY made any modifications, no modifications were made by Volition on for GOG version of the game, is my understanding. Although I do encourage you to dig into this further.

    I've provided screenshots of GOG's versions root folder below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Thanks for valuable info!
    Maybe whoever in charge of SRTT for GOG managed to modify interface-related scripts without affecting the total size.
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