Steam vs. GoG

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by o.j saint, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Btw.... Aren't you gonna upload this Witcher thing ? I mean the outfit or even his silver sword, you know....
    It would be so cool :rolleyes:
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Don't worry -- Steam will be obsolete pretty soon. I hear it's being replaced by Epic. :p The GOG version stands alone and will never be obsolete! :D

    Besides, most of the SR3 mods here work on the GOG version.
  4. Don't have it on the list, you know.... I mean whatever they do.... What i love about saints row world is mods!!!
    I'm really looking forward, one day or another, to try those mods ( Steam ones, I mean ). You guys really made things like you were creating a new game.... For real, hats off out of respect to all of you, really amazing work just.... wish I had this game as Steam version earlier, I had no idea that people like you would create a great things just like that... Keep going guys :D
  5. Gog version only requires the .vpp_pc file in the mod folder right?
  6. GOG and steam...
    .vpp_pc only works if I put it in "mods" folder
    But not so many out there.... ( not so many GOG mods, I mean ) :(
  7. Oh... so its the same, the only difference is that steams installs the mods in another folder unless you do it manually. I guess i should share my steam mods in here then :p
  8. It's the same thing, yes.

    But in steam you subscribe ( as a download button :D ) and you should have the game as a steam version, and I'm sure you know the rest......
    But for me, as a GOG user :( I can't get them, despite being the same file (.vpp_pc files I mean...). Short sad story, lol :D
  9. Do you have the sandbox+ installed and if yes does the slew mode camera work in gog version?If the slew mode works the workshop mods should work too I guess.For example if the sandbox+ is installed on a cracked sr4 version it works fine exept of slew mode and some functions I don't remember yet.
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