Starting saints row 2 problem

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by spaditagamer, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. I tested both of my mods that you installed and they work for me, they use weapons.xtbl and items_inventory.xtbl
  2. F13


    the character skins and retextures shouldn't be fine, Singa's weapons mod works fine, not sure what WRP is.
  3. F13


    That wouldn't be an issue either, AFAIK.
    Only issue I could think of would be the SR1 car colours mod, or Singa's mod (maybe you mixed up weapons.xtbl files?), so I'd recommend uninstalling SR1 car colours, and if the loading is still faulty, uninstall Singa's mod.
    If the issues still remain then maybe a broken file crept its way into another GOTR folder, like modified, in that case I think it would be best to reinstall GOTR.
  4. Ok, i'll try
  5. Well, the game worked, i just build the files without the mods i mention it before, looks normal, i guess is one of the mods that might not be compatible..
  6. Try installing the mods one by one to see what causes it, my mods are built upon the GotR files, so they're 100% compatible with it.
  7. i did it, ur mods are cool, it might be the file weapons that i might modified something, since i tryed to duplicate the AS12 riot, just like the mod SR1 T3K Urban + Platinum from CabooseSayzWTF. but it always crashed, but im pretty sure that i deleted the weapons file, and added the one that u modified the SPAS 12 shooting animation and the sound..
    At the momment, i have the mods that i needed for the screenshots :confused:
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