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hi everyone...just thought i'd share some pics i created just recently...

first one i did was basically a Mexican Neo lol...
i was messing around with the creator to see what capabilities it had...
second one is basically a ported-over character i made in SR3 remaster...with a PROPER remaster on graphics...and western to BOOT complete with a Texas southern accent XD
(for comparison)
Screenshot 2022-06-12 222121.jpg
Screenshot 2022-06-12 221455.jpg
this one i tried to do a self-portrait, but the eyes were never right, so i just picked the closest to look like me...ish...the girl is basically a "go-to for a female run" when i do finish the game as a male character...still came out good tho...i think...and last but not least is just a female-version of the T-1000 from Terminator wearing T-800's clothing...pretty sure she robbed

hope you guys enjoyed these creations and can't wait for the game's release
Edan Sagliell, a runaway rich kid who decides to make it on their own terms. Signed up for a pencil-pushing position at Marshall but whether due to error or sadism got put among the grunts instead.
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