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Create your boss using Boss Factory available here:
And share pics of your creations here
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My Characters My Universe.png
Alexya El Maysern
Nadir Zenith
Cattlin Jortez

(These characters are not meant to 100% replicate their original looks, they are merely my own interpretations on their designs)

My Characters Red Dwarf.png
David Lister
Arnold Rimmer
Kryten 2X4B 523P

My Characters Vice Kings.png
Vice Kings Male
Vice Kings Female
Vice King (Aisha's Favour)

My Characters SR Classic.png
Julius Little
Troy Bradshaw
Dexter "Dex" Jackson

My Characters SR2.png
Shaundi (with Sombrero)
Johnny Gat
Pierce Washington
Carlos Mendoza
The Boss (Aka Alexya El Maysern)
Dane Vogel

My Characters Kinzie.png
Kinzie Kensington

My Characters Gat's Trial.png
Couldn't add the Quote to my Signature without trying to recreate the Judge herself from Gat's Trial, also...
Legal Lee
Johnny Gat (Trial Suit)
The Boss (Trial Crasher)

My Characters Stilwater V Steelport.png
Shaundi (Stilwater)
Shaundi (Steelport)
Pierce (Stilwater)
Pierce (Steelport)
Gat (Stilwater)
Gat (Steelport)

My Characters Female Gat.png(Made an outfit more reminiscent of Gat's SR1 look)
God did indeed rebuild Earth, and gave everyone a second chance at life... But who said they were going to be the exact same version of themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... Jonni Gat. (I think I've found my new main Playable Character... Sorry Kinzie)

My Characters Luz.png
Luz Avalos (Kinda surprised this wasn't my Day 1 Boss)

My Characters Lexy.png
Alexya El Maysern (The Original Concept)

My Characters Homer Simpson.png
Homer Simpson (I know it's been done, I just had to see if I could make one myself)
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