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  1. FOV editor for Saints Row the Third, Saints Row 4, and Gat out of Hell

    sr3_fov.JPG sr4_fov.JPG gooh.JPG

    Place it in the folder where the game's .exe file resides. It will auto configure itself for whichever game .exe file it detects each time it's run.

    1. Change the FOV to the desired amount and push the apply button.
    2. The tool will write out a modded camera_free.xtbl file with the changes.
    3. Run the game and enjoy a wider/less zoomed in game.

    1. The game uses vertical not horiztonal FOV.
    2. Applying the game's default FOV will delete the modded camera file. (convenience)

    Recommended Value for a single 16:9 aspect ratio monitor: 60-65

    1. Either delete the camera_free.xtbl file, or set the FOV back to default inside the tool.
    2. Delete the tool from your game's folder.

    How it works:
    Saints Row 3 & 4 use severaldozen explicitly set FOV values for when you are doing different things. This makes changing the FOV a pain in the butt. This program removes the hassle by automating it. Basically, the FOV value that you change in this program is the walking around FOV value. All other FOV values (.ie running, sprinting, parachuting, driving, etc.) will be scaled by a percentage equaled to the increase in walking FOV.

    The game's default walking FOV is 50, and the user changes it to 60 in the FOV program. That is a 20% increase in FOV. The program will then write out a camera file that has all FOV values of 50 changed to 60, and then will scale all other FOV values it finds by +20%

    This keeps the increase in FOV consistent across all player actions.

    Added support for Gat out of Hell

    The program should no longer crash when used in a region that uses commas instead of decimal points when formatting decimal numbers to/from text. (regional .NET issue)

    Fixed a case sensitivity mismatch that was present in the default saints row 4 camera file.

    Initial Release

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  2. Kickass. Nice tool!
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  3. Should be moved to the "tool release" directory rather than mods.Nice tool though, easy to use. Increasing the value moves the camera back, effectively increasing the Field of View. You can't go any lower the the default 50 to get closer though.
  4. I thought about that before posting, but the vast majority of users this tool is intended for are not modders.. and will never look in the modding tools forum. Since the end result of using this tool is an actual mod.. i posted it here.

    Admins can move it if they wish.

    And no, it doesn't just "move the camera back". It changes the vertical FOV which gives the appearance the camera has been moved back.
  5. I can see what you mean, is it a tool or a mod? Is it a bird or a plane... :p
  6. p.s. I recommend setting the FOV to around 60. With a 16:9 monitor... a vertical FOV of 60 is about equivalent to your standard 90 degree horizontal FOV.
  7. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    It's a mod similar to Gentlemen of the Row or Gentlemen of Steelport. i.e. it uses tools to create a custom mod for the user. So, it definitely belongs in Mod Releases and not Tools imo.
  8. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I've moved it and left a permament redirect so it will appear in both places at once.
  9. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Well hello Mr Fancy Pants

    For reference:
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  10. Source Code updated.

    I cleaned up some goofy math in the Apply Button message handler. Don't really know what i was thinking at the time, guess it was late. Kind of embarassed i even let that go public LOL.

    Not re-uploading the mod though as it's functionally identical.
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