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My Take On (Hitman) Agent 47:
Ahh, that's what you did with the skin texture. Looks badass! Those screenshots are really cool too. Shame about the ReShade DOF messing up the letterbox though. I always wanted to play Hitman but never got around to it.

Since I've never posted in here before, here are some screenshots I took back when I was making my User Thumbnail:
Thank you, I like ur character btw looks very 🥵. Not sure if you've played any any "streets of rage" game in ur life, but I'm currently redesigning my sor3 blaze fielding character I posted on page 38 last year, and other characters since I didn't the design I did, doesn't match the originals char from the game well. Yeah the hitman skin I made was to try and mix-mash old and new hitman looks. The barcode is a modded texture btw, took me a while to do.
Thanks, man! (I should clarify though, I'm a fella! I just wanted a cheeky User Thumbnail.)
I never got into fighting games but I am aware of Streets of Rage. I look forward to seeing it finished!
Nice work, 47.
Off-topic to saints row but wanted to share my new SOR3 Blaze Fielding character design concept. also my concept to the new Streets of rage being released this year:



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SOR4 Garnet/Diamond In SR2;

SOR4 Diamond.jpeg

ALT 2.png

Credits; Thankyou -SeaBoundSaint- for guiding me through the texture modding process, it probably wouldn't have been possible without you💖


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    SOR4 Diamond Concept.jpeg
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    SOR4 Diamond Concept ALT 2.jpeg
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