SR2 GOG FPS Unlocker

SR2 GOG FPS Unlocker
It works flawlessly man, many thanks for this gem! Took me a year or so to be sure that it actually works, lol.

I wasn't sure if that abysmal FPS drops came from my mid-low-end laptop [for today's standards] or indeed from the cap itself so I refrained on using it, but can confirm now that running GOG version of this game on a machine with 4GB RAM and 2GB VRAM looks pretty decent -- well, at least feels way better than my last couple of completed PTs with the cap there...

Yeah, finished the game twice with that FPS, lol. Ah, the air never feels fresher than this before~

Also with this one --
Everyone can do it via NVIDIA Control Panel instead now, as it looks to me they merge the frame-rate limiter that was in the inspector to their panel in their latest driver.
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Just thought I would come in and say that GOG version of SR2 on PC does not cap the frame rate at 30fps, rather it seems to cap the FPS based on your CPU frequency. The Xbox 360 has a clock speed of 3.2 GHz, and setting your PC's CPU clock speed to 3.2 caps SR2 PC's frame rate to 30 frames per second. Essentially the game has some code that looks something like this:
framerate_cap = number * cpu_frequency

In theory having a 6.4 GHz CPU would mean a frame rate cap of 60, and also means cut scenes wouldn't have object alignment issues. I can't help but wonder if the code was changed to framerate_cap = (number * 2) * cpu_frequency would double the frame rate cap so we could have better cut scenes without them breaking. 🤔
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