SR2 Complete Combat Overhaul

How long has this mod been overdue?

  • Not that long. Saint's Row 2 went on sale on Steam recently.

    Votes: 59 81.9%
  • Long overdue. I stopped playing Saint's Row 2 years agp.

    Votes: 13 18.1%

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The completion percentage problem seems to be related to items_3d.xtbl, specifically around the section that has <Name>mcmanus</Name> and <DisplayName>mcmanus2010</DisplayName>. Removing lines 166 to 184 seems to reliably fix the problem.
I'll try doing that and then I'll test it before I update it.
Just realized that map progress along with the hood owning are not saving. Every time I load the save, the map remains grey and I own 0/45 hoods. I've did some investigation and started new game several times. I'm undoubtely sure that this very mod is causing the problem, but I don't know which exactly file is guilty. I accepted the fact I have to start the new game, because when I try to load my "modded" save without mod installed, the game crashes. Buuuuuut, I actually don't wanna to get rid of that mod, because it's pretty damn good. But if I may know at least, which file is causing whis, I'd like simply to get rid of that exactly file.

UPD: It's homies.xtbl that's guilty. Also this very file is also causing the above crash while trying to load the "modded" save after uninstalling the Overhaul mod.
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I have an issue with the McManus 2010 where only the magazine of it appears but the body is that of the McManus. I tried to start a new game to see if the problem lies there but it doesn't fix it.
I've run into some issues with this mod. I have the same issues with the map and McManus that YouShallFollow and Fidanza posted, plus two others. The first is that it's incompatible with the controller button portion of GOTR, and sets it back to keyboard icons, this isn't a huge problem for most things, but is an issue for QTEs like in Fight Club. The second is that since installing this I cannot make it through First Impressions without the game crashing.
im not sure if there will be reply,but after i use fine aim with as12 it always stays in single shot mode.can it be fixed?
Is the AS-12 firing in pump-action when you shoot from the hip after leaving fine aim?
sry for holding on reply,just found this while clearing mail.anyway,i dont actually remember(havent played sr2 for months,even with the mod),but i think it was going like this:before fine aim as was shooting automaticly(like in sr1),i push the button for fine aim and after or in fine aim,it goes to "tombstone type of shooting" and doesnt shoot automaticly.i also tried to fix it by changing the doc in the mod and it worked.