SR2 Complete Combat Overhaul

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How long has this mod been overdue?

  1. Not that long. Saint's Row 2 went on sale on Steam recently.

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  2. Long overdue. I stopped playing Saint's Row 2 years agp.

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  1. *Update 8/12/2018*
    Completion status bug should be fixed
    Correct completion percentage should show after saving game.

    I present to you the most ambitious modding project undertaken since kyle's plagiarized and removed Complete Overhaul mod. It's a collection and improvement of mods that I have already released. This mod will change everything about the combat mechanics such as bullet penetration and being able to break down doors with cars and explosives.

    Realistic Weapons
    • All guns with the exception of the Fire Extinguisher, Portable Septic Gun, and Bean Bag Gun do not exert ragdoll force. People don't go flying backwards when they are hit in real life.
    • Realistic magazine count for all weapons. All pistols (with the exception of the 44. Shepherd revolver), SKR-9 Threat, Tombstone, and AS12 Riot have one extra round in the chamber.
    • Maximum reserve ammo for pistols increased to 336 which is the Least Common Multiple of all pistol magazine sizes.
    • Max reserve ammo for shotguns increased to 120; LCM of all shotgun magazine sizes.
    • SMG Ammo max reserve capacity now at 480; LCM of all the magazine sizes.
    • Rifle Ammo max reserve capacity reduced to 600 rounds.
    • Sniper Rifle Ammo max ammo reduced to 50 rounds.
    • Max amount of grenades carried reduced to 10
    • Max ammo for RPG reduced to 4 warheads.
    • Maximum range for all weapons adjusted for realism.
    • Realistic Rate of Fire for all firearms.
    • Realistic weight and behavior for all projectile and thrown weapons.
    • Gunshots and explosions are as loud as possible can be heard at 10x the maximum distance as the vanilla game.
    • You can now kick people in the crotch with all guns except the Chainsaw Launcher like Saints Row: The Third when you are synced with the victim.
    • The following weapons are not allowed in human shield: AR200 SAW, McManus 2010 Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Flamethrower, Chainsaw Launcher, Fire Extinguisher, Nukamingo 9001, and Portable Septic Gun, nor can you execute hostages with them for obvious reasons.
    • Restored vanilla McManus 2010 Sniper Rifle. It now exists alongside the SR1 McManus. The McManus 2010 stats are nearly identical to the vanilla game with range tweaks for realism.
    • The original SR1 McManus does can still be purchased from Friendly Fire or found during the Museum stronghold mission. It has more zoom levels (6 versus the McManus 2010's 3) but has a smaller magazine like in SR1 and does significantly less damage to vehciles.
    • Restored Fireworks Pipe Bomb to vanilla Pipe Bomb.
    • Restored dual Maxim machine guns to Parrot, High Rise, and Corsette airplanes.
    • Restored waterspray gun to O-Ring.
    • AR-50 Fireworks reverted back to vanilla AR-50 XMAC.
    • RPG Launcher reverted to vanilla RPG-7 model. Nukamingo-9001 has SR1 Platinum RPG model.
    • Baseball Bat reverted to vanilla aluminium bat model.
    • The Orbital Launcher from GOTR has been reverted to the unused Bean Bag Gun from the vanilla game with the SR2 Tombstone model.
    • Samurai Sword prone attack and finishers (except kick) are always lethal.
    • Brotherhood melee finishing move Side Slam Backbreaker is always lethal.
    • Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Machete, Nightstick, and Pirate Hook now use block flinch animations.
    • Increased combat ready time to 20000 milliseconds (Weapon is lowered after 20 seconds).
    • Vehicles are now more resilient against bullets and melee weapons.
    • You can now kick people in the crotch with all guns except the Chainsaw Launcher like Saints Row: The Third as long as you are close enough and facing towards them (front or back, or side to side is okay).
    • Most weapons aside from GOTR and special weapons can now be bought at Friendly Fire and Brass Knuckles at the start as long as you have the money. Weapons and ammo at Friendly Fire and Brass Knuckles have realistic prices now based on MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). Unlockables for missions and activities adjusted to accomodate this.
    • Maximum reserve ammo for pistols increased to 336 which is the Least Common Multiple of all pistol magazine sizes.
    • Max reserve ammo for shotguns increased to 120; LCM of all shotgun magazine sizes.
    • SMG Ammo max reserve capacity now at 480; LCM of all the magazine sizes.
    • Rifle Ammo max reserve capacity reduced to 600 rounds.
    • Sniper Rifle Ammo max ammo reduced to 50 rounds.
    • Max amount of grenades carried reduced to 10
    • Max ammo for RPG reduced to 4 warheads.
    • All shotguns with the exception of the Pimp Cane and Sawed-Off Shotgun now fire 9 pellets per shot instead of 4, and damage has been adjusted so that they still do the same amount of max damage as vanilla stats if all the pellets hit the target.
    • Pimp Cane and Sawed-Off Shotgun fire 12 pellets per shot.
    • Sawed-Off Shotgun reclassified as pistol instead of SMG so that it benefits from unlocking unlimited pistol ammo inseat of unlimited SMG ammo.
    • The AS12 Riot Shotgun from GOTR/SR1 now fires in semi-automatic with similar stats like in SR1, but using fine aim will switch to pump-action mode just like the real SPAS-12.
    • XS-2 Ultimax now shoots slugs in semi-auto, and has laser sight added.
    • The stun gun is dual-wieldable correctly fires two probes and is equipped with a laser sight. It no longer has unlimited ammo and you carry up to 4 cartridges.
    • Stun Gun and Lazarus moved to pistols slot in inventory.
    • AR200 SAW moved to special weapons in store and inventory.
    • Bling-Fu moved to melee weapons slot.
    • Fire Extinguisher and Portable Septic Gun can fire a limited amount of spray before it runs out. Wait a few seconds for pressure to build up again. It works like a cooldown.
    • Fire Extinguisher has unlimited ammo since it's based on CO2 fire extinguishers in real life and no longer needs to be refilled at fire hydrants.
    • Chainsaw Launcher has laser sight like Annihilator RPG and makes chainsaw noises with melee attacks.
    • Firing sound of the Bulldog and Grizzly's mounted machine gun changed from the AR-50 firing sound to the same sound as the WWII-era Wolverine plane's .50 caliber machine guns.
    • Tornado's chin-mounted M197 turret now has 110 degrees of motion in azimuth, 21 degrees of elevation, and 50 degrees of depression just like on a real AH-1 gunship.
    • Tornado's secondary weapon is laser-guided APKW rockets that have 10x the rate of fire of the vanilla game. They function almost like unguided rockets in which you have to be facing the direction of your target, however if the target is far away enough they will fly towards the reticule.
    • Removed missile launcher from Bulldog and Bear/Grizzly APC.
    • Removed rockets from WWII-era Wolverine fighter plane.
    • Fixed various animations and sounds.

    Bugs if you don't start a new game:
    • Mounted 50. cal shows up in weapons cache. This is a benign bug. Selecting it will not replace the assault rifle you are carrying.
    • Selecting one inventory item in the weapons cache results in a completely different weapon being equipped.
    • Certain rewards are not available. For example, using a 100% completion save, Legal Lee is a homie but not Mr. Wong, you don't get the unique Medical variant of the Horizon helicopter from Visiting Hours, etc.
    • When accessing the weapons cache, selecting thrown weapons will crash the game.

    Realistic Physics
    • Bullets penetrate through objects made of glass, wood, plastic, carpet, and thin metal.
    • Fences can no longer be destroyed by shooting at them.
    • Most objects can't be destroyed or dislodged by gunfire.
    • Improvised weapons especially heavy two-handed objects such as a pay phone and fire hydrant behave like you would expect when you throw them: not very far.
    • Level objects never fade.

    Spawn Tweaks
    • All factions spawn with their vehicles filled to max capacity.
    • 4-door gang vehicles spawn on the streets for The Brotherhood, Ronin, and Sons of Samedi
    • All gangs may throw Pipe Bombs in addition to Molotov Cocktails and Grenades.
    • The Brotherhood, Ronin, and Sons of Samedi carry SKR-7 Spree submachine guns instead of the SKR-7.
    • The Ronin carry GAL43's instead of the T3K Urban.
    • The Saints and the Sons of Samedi carry AS-12 Riot shotguns instead of the AS14 Hammer.
    • The Ronin carry AR200 SAW light machineguns instead of RPG Launcher.
    • Sons of Samedi carry AR-40 Xtnd carbines instead of RPG Launcher.
    • Ultor Masako correctly carry AR-50 XMAC instead of the AR-40.
    • Ultor security also drive 2-door Peacekeepr vans and 4-door Bureaucrat SUV's in Ultor-patrolled neighborhoods.
    • Police Tornados only spawn at Level 5 Notoriety and are now correctly piloted by SWAT officers.
    • SWAT officers spawn at Level 4 Notoriety in 2-door Peacekeeper vans.
    • SWAT officers spawn in Bear/Grizzly APC's at Level 5 Notoriety alongside the FBI in their 4-door SUV's.
    • Ultor Masako spawn Level 4 Notoriety in 2-door Peacekeeper vans.
    • Only Ultor Masako spawn at Level 5 Notoriety in APC's and SUV's.
    • Ultor security guards spawn at Levels 2-3 Notoriety in the unused Knoxville golf carts riding in pairs at the Rounds Shopping Center and Stillwater Caverns.
    • Ultor Masako spawn at Levels 4-5 Notoriety on Toad quad ATV bikes riding back-to-back.
    • SWAT officers spawn on Miami speed boats at Level 4 Notoriety.
    • Kent combine harvesters should correctly spawn near the farm in Pleasant Hill.
    • Company of Gryos Mongoose ATV correctly spawns with mascot driving when you call the number.

    Optional Mods

    • Realistic Weapon Names - Exactly what it says on the tin.
    • Helmets and Ski Masks for SWAT - Makes the Stilwater PD SWAT officers closely resemble their appearances in SR1. Ultor Masako are also given color tweaks to make them appear closer to how they did in Asha's simulation in SRIV.
    • Asian-only Ronin Members - Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Installation Instructions

    • Gentlemen of The Row V1.9.2 Required.
    • It is recommended that you start a new game.
    1. Copy preload.tbl to to Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2\optional_mod_stuff
    2. Copy the rest of the files to Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE
    3. Run Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2
    4. Copy all files from MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder to Saints Row 2 root folder.

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  2. do any gangs stiil carry ak 47's?
  3. Gangs still carry AK's. It's just the MP5K has been replaced by the MAC-10 since the MP5K is more like a police gun than a gangster gun. SWAT and Ultor Masako still carry them. Only the Brotherhood still carries RPG's since they don't care about destruction. The only heavy weapon Samedi carry are AR-15's since they're just college students and drug dealers. Ronin carry M249 SAW's instead of RPG'S.
  4. How do I uninstall this? After I installed it, the game would crash every time I fired a weapon. I tried to make a vanilla patch with GOTR and just delete the mods but now some of my weapons are invisible and I cant fire them. The flamingo cannon thing just straight up crashes the game, I don't even have to select it. I tried making another vanilla patch and I replaced the 3 files again but now I can't make it past the loading screen without crashing. Can you provide the original preload.tbl file or just tell me what the problem is or even if it's not the preload.tbl file. Or I may have just completely screwed up my game, though, because I've been doing a lot of other things with SR2 so this may not even be causing it but the first time I noticed it was the first time attempting to use this (I have the newest version of GOTR).
  5. Are you using an older save? Because usually the GOTR weapons like the Nukamingo are unlocked after you control all the neighborhoods. You NEED to start a NEW GAME otherwise they'll be bugs. Did you copy my preload.tbl to the optional_mod_stuff folder? It needs the preload.tbl in order to work. Every file except the optional files needs each other in order to work. You cannot omit any files. The only other explanation is that you messed around with it or installed some mods that are incompatible and screwed it up.
    Here's an newer version of preload.tbl. I also replaced it in the ZIP folder for people who haven't downloaded the mod yet.

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  6. Thank you! The mod works now. I think the problem may have been caused by installing the mod but then creating a new GOTR patch with it and I guess that messed it up, somehow? Anyway, it works now, sorry if I caused any trouble.
  7. There's a reason why I included instructions. It is NOT my responsibility if you crash your game because you didn't follow instructions.
  8. I'd like to report an issue with this modification. I've properly placed the files according to directions, and have compiled the modification by itself with the latest version of GOTR, which was then integrated into a fresh installation of Saints Row 2 through Steam.

    However, when starting a new game, I'm given absurd completion statistics right off the bat (something like 12348765% completed while on the tutorial mission). This not only flags the save as a "cheat" save, but it apparently prevents the game from saving properly (leading to an "Ironman gameplay" situation). There are other effects as well, for example "The World" and the Ultor radio stations are active right at the start of the game before the story has progressed to the point where they would normally become available.

    I'm somewhat at a loss as to why this is the case, but I have done some digging. I have noticed this modification shares some similar documentation with Captain Jax's older "Realistic Weapons Mod". Compiling that mod with its own preload results in a perfectly functional game. Is the core of this mod based off of Realistic Weapons? If so, something added since that mod's final release seems to be the cause, and it appears to be a change tied into the progression system since it affects both completion statistics and the event flags for certain game world changes.
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  9. This mod originally started as an update to Captain Jax's Realistic Weapons mod, but I added so many changes and features, that very little of Captain Jax's original code was left, so I spun it off as a new mod that affects both weapons, and physics. As for the weird stats, I have no idea how to fix that at the moment. If you know anyone willing to clean up the code, please let me know but for now this is the final release of this mod.
  10. The completion percentage problem seems to be related to items_3d.xtbl, specifically around the section that has <Name>mcmanus</Name> and <DisplayName>mcmanus2010</DisplayName>. Removing lines 166 to 184 seems to reliably fix the problem.
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