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Skinballs Outfit ! (and too many other ones too)

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by rastaman289, May 10, 2015.

  1. hey rastaman, can you add this body to skinballs on SRTT and SR4.[​IMG]

    i would like to color it too.

    just in case the image didn't show up:

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  2. can you add a matt miller outfit?
  3. Yeeees! And not like the SR4 one that doesn't even glow, seriously, the glowing lines were the best part about Matt's outfit and they don't fucking glow in SR4, eventhough you unlock the outfit as part of a side mission
  4. i know right is was so disappointing
  5. I'll be honest though, I don't like SR4 as much as I like SR3, I mean the alien idea was cool and the simulation but there is just something about it that I just don't like it as much as SR3, part of it being lighting, seriously, I think SR3's day and night lighting was so much better, I loved flying around Steelport at night in my VTOL, but SR4? Just don't like the lighting, and it doesn't help that Virtual Steeport is night time ALL THE GODDAMN TIME!! Unless a mission changes the time of day, or you change it yourself (Which you can't do until after you beat the main story so what the fuck is the point?

    Oh well, at least Agents of Mayhem is looking like fun
  6. yeah
  7. Morningstar has the necktie
    Inside my body
    Same in the photo,
    and some clothes do not fit me, my head gets bigger than the clothes, lol
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  8. Can you put the "STAG Elite" helmet on the STAG soldier?
  9. what is the root file
  10. The root folder is where the game's executable is. If you have it on Steam, then it may look like this: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third