Skill - Vampire (Bloodsucker Pack Port)

I get the same thing Fateless does. Though... it's not consistent. I attempted the execution probably about 8 or 9 times, but only got the heal twice. All of these were while in critical health too.
Yeah, it won't be properly compatible with co-op. I'm not sure if a non-modded viewer would crash or would just see nothing happening. More testing is required obviously.
I am successfully using this animation in saints row 4 co-op though i dont think the other player can see it because i have bite peds right in front of them and they had absolutely no reaction. but maybe next time i should just ask them if they see me doing it.
also do you or anybody else know if this trick works with gat outta hell? I tried this method for gat outta hell and the ability is visible in the upgrade section the picture and everything is there and i purchased it but I am not getting the animation. Maybe there is something else I have to do?
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