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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Admixon, May 21, 2020.

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  2. bandicam 2020-05-23 01-19-19-203.jpg

    it's not custom taunts btw
  3. SRTTR 2020-05-24 23-19-41-996.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-24 22-02-27-371.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-24 15-45-28-050.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-24 15-45-23-016.jpg

    I glad Cypher is also fully remastered too.
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  4. SRTTR 2020-05-26 15-01-03-325.jpg SRTTR 2020-05-26 15-01-36-096.jpg

    Model heads are freaky !
    From character_definitions.xtbl as result.
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  5. Quick question; how are y'all getting your screenshots? Printscreen and paste or is there a EGS function I'm missing?
  6. You can press the buttons "Windows + Impr"
    Once you want to find the screenshots, go to the folder "Images" and you will find them there.
  7. SRTTR 2020-05-28 02-27-50-317.jpg
    1 bug error, im standing in the gap between steps
  8. SRTTR 2020-05-28 20-19-21-573.jpg

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