Saints Row The Third Editing Kit

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by T-Bone, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. This is GUI tool which will include the easy way to use all the editing tools released for editing Saints Row The Third


    Currently Working Features:
    -Execute XTBL Editor (easy & simple)
    -Extract BNK_PC sound packages to OGG files

    Features are present in this tool, but not yet working:
    -Extract VPP_PC (VPP Extract crashes during file processing whenever BAT command sends file to it, the problem will be investigated)
    -Extract STR2_PC (Same story as with VPP_PC extractor)
    -Pack VPP_PC
    -Pack STR2_PC
    -Pack BNK_PC

    Currently it's under heavy construction, and this version is just a test version (preview), so you can just have a first look.
    Whenever new version is out, this post will be updated!
    Warning! For people who didn't find out yet, click Right Mouse Button on Icons to get alternative options

    Completion (43%)
    Fix Extract VPP_PC
    Fix Extract STR2_PC
    Fix Pack VPP_PC
    Fix Pack STR2_PC
    Fix Update ASM
    Fix Convert ASM
    Fix Pack BNK_PC

    * Investigated problem with EXE file (It copied the root folder to Temp) re uploaded fixed version
    * Extract VPP_PC has been fixed, will be present in next version
    * Extract STR2_PC has been fixed will be present in next version

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  2. love it thx
  3. Can this be used to change the shader for the mosiac censor and change it to something else?
  4. Uzi


    Is this project still being worked on?
    It looks interesting but I note the latest post by the OP is in the end of December and it is now almost
    the end of January!
  5. Yes it is still in progress, I just have not so much time for this now, but development didn't die
  6. Yes, it can be used, but in next version, I'm planing to write Manual for this tool
  7. Damn this will make editing more easier thnx T-bone
  8. Thx Very much...Way better than Bojan's XTBL editor!
  9. So, I think you have some bug somewhere in there.

    Because I went to go use this, and it deleted half the files in my Saints Row 3 directory, including my backup folder.

    Had to re-validate with Steam and re-install 38 files....
  10. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    Can you reproduce the problem and explain what steps are required to do so?
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