Saints Row: The Collection - By: XB36Hazard [Save Editor]

New Update
  • Editor
    • Resizable
    • Drag & Drop File Support
  • Saints Row: The Third & Saints Row: The Third Remastered
    • Added
      • Home
        • Weapon Unlocks
        • Weapon Upgrade Levels
      • Character
        • Outfits
          • Extract, Rename, Reorder, Add, Delete
        • Quick Share - Share your character with other's quickly.
      • Collectibles & Properties
        • Collectibles
          • Select if a collectible is collected or not
        • Cribs
          • Select if owned or not
          • Select what stronghold upgrade is applied
        • Properties
          • Select if a property is discovered or not
          • Select if a property is owned or not
      • Garage
        • Multi vehicle drag drop reorder
        • Multi vehicle extract
        • Multi vehicle delete
        • Multi vehicle move to top
        • Multi vehicle move to bottom
        • Vehicle drag drop extract to windows
        • Vehicle Sort (Ascending / Descending)
          • Vehicle Name
          • Vehicle Type
          • Vehicle Front Rim Size
          • Vehicle Front Tire Width
          • Vehicle Back Rim Size
          • Vehicle Back Tire Width
        • Extract/Add All Vehicles (Vehicle Pack)
        • Underglow Color - Choose your vehicle's underglow color
      • Missions & Activities
        • Activities
          • Completed or not
          • Completed in Co-Op or not
        • Gang Operations
          • Available or not
          • Completed or not
        • Missions
          • Completed or not
      • New Game Plus
        • Start a new game with or without the following options...
          • Activities
          • Cheats
          • Collectibles
          • Cribs
          • Gang Operations
          • Garage
          • Missions
          • Outfits
          • Phone
          • Properties
          • Territories
          • Upgrades
          • Weapon Unlocks
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Would anyone like a Vehicle Share like the Character Share? Also would anyone like web version of the Character Share?

k when i reload my save with your downloaded character these additional cheats mod got removed , can u fix this bug?
You have a mod that has additional cheats that are not in the game and the editor is removing them from your save?

Perhaps you could include a flag to not overwrite cheats when saving a save file? Just a suggestion


  • sr3save_00.sr3s_pc
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Stuck at "loading home panel" for more than 5 minutes, single thread CPU usage 75%-100%.
Is this normal? Should I wait indefinitely?