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Saints Row Reboot

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Just.Anoth3r.Byt3, Oct 19, 2016.


Would you like to see a NewGEN Saints Row Reboot?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

  1. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    Me too. I only have one car in real life, and it's over 15 years old, rusting away, and barely runs.
    I can only dream of having a garage full of brand new cool cars, a heliport full of awesome flying vehicles, and a multitude of penthouse apartments!
    And, as a guy, I never get to pick out and wear women's clothing in real life. I know every guy who plays Saints Row enjoys that -- don't deny it! ;)
    That's my escape from reality playing Saints Row 2/3. With all that, why would anyone need superpowers? o_O
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  2. VSW


    Doesn't realism also mean no cheats or mods, cause you can't magically mod reality.

    No mods of comic characters. No cheats, no infinite ammo etc.

    Seriously if modders were limited by a set laws of realism when it came to mods, how far would they get creativity wise.

    That's what i really don't get about this forum & kinda unfair.
    Game modders if they have the talent & tech aren't limited to realism & can create, modify, improve, add, remove almost anything they see fit or think up.
    But yet most want the game itself to be restricted to somewhat realistic storylines & characters.

    Like if this was a comic book, People complain & demand Marvel reboots to the style of the Punisher but then those same people who made the complaints & demands go home write a fan-fiction with characters like Sentry, Hyperion & The Hulk.

    WhatIF developers limited modders to a set of tools & content, & anything created beyond that set limitation would automatically be deleted by the game coding.

    How much would modders grow in creativity if they were that limited.

    You totally get it.

    I like the possibilities of unpredictable next level ideas.

    Because there's some people who aren't that limited.
    Who sees a fantasy world that's not so typical.

    Why would i bother visiting a fantasy world If i can do the same things there as i can do in the real world.
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    Sure you can. Not magically, but by work. Humans are constantly modding their reality. That's what makes it real.

    And yet, I want to mod the world of Saints Row IV to look more real, but I can't, because we don't have the tools. So, I feel my creativity is limited to an unrealistic world only.

    But we are very limited based on the tools we have available or have the knowledge to build ourselves. For example, we can't add or remove buildings from the map. I find that very limiting. So we're stuck with the world that Volition built for us. I don't like that world in Saints Row IV, but I can't change it -- and believe me, I've spent many hours trying.

    Exactly, which is why I like Saints Row 2 and 3. It's a fantasy world that's not so typical, but still on the edge of believable. I loved that about the older games.

    I guess maybe it's not so much that I dislike the idea of a fantasy world, but rather, I just don't like their concept of a fantasy world in SR 4.
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  4. VSW


    YES people are creating new possibilities but those possibilities are still limited to what we can do technological wise.
    Fantasy, imagination, fiction, aren't as limited & reaches further in possibilities increasing creativity.

    Also isn't that exactly what the Saints did in 3 & 4.
    They went from a street gang to president & members of the whitehouse to defending the earth then fighting on behalf of the last of the human race.

    Through hard work the Saints went nothing to everything with unknown possibilities.
    Isn't that the same as your definition of modifying their lives.

    The identifying trait of fantasy is the author's reliance on imagination to create narrative elements that do not have to rely on history or nature to be coherent.

    This differs from realistic fiction in that whereas realistic fiction has to attend to the history and natural laws of reality, fantasy does not.

    Then you understand what it's like to feel limited in a gaming world.

    Game Modders at least has the ability to create modifications most gamers that aren't mods are stuck with whatever gaming world a developer creates, realistic or not.

    Just think if no modifications were allowed by any gamers.

    I can understand that people aren't into fantasy & that's cool & prefer realism but me i see realism, Saints 1, 2 & realistic games in general as something like this:


    Whereas Saints 3 & Saints 4 was more like this.

    Saints 3 i was more interested then i was with 2, & Saints 4 I was totally awake, like OMG THAT's SOMETHING NEW IN THE SAINTS.
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  5. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    Just saw "The Fate of the Furious" movie, and it occurred to me that the older Saints Row games (1, 2, 3) were more of the "Fast and Furious" genre -- cool cars, hot women, over the top action. And then, with Saints Row 4 and later, they completely changed to the "Marvel Universe"comic type genre. Obviously, both movie genres do extremely well at the box office, and I always see both movies.

    But your assertion that the "Fast and Furious" style is boring -- I think a lot of people would disagree.

    Not enough action?
    Code (Text):
    (sorry -- you'll have to cut and paste the link -- the forum keeps changing it when I enter the link directly)

    I think it shows how cars and action can be combined in a perfectly realistic setting to make an extremely fun experience. And that's what I really miss about Saints Row. Saints Row was only up to 3 with that style, and Fast and Furious is up to 8. I think that proves there still would be a lot of demand for that style game, if done well (and with Volition's comic "special sauce").

    That's what I miss.
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  6. I sure do disagree. Remember the game Need For Speed: Underground 2? One of my favorite games that was similar to the Fast and the Furious movies!
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  7. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    And Saints Row 3 has car crushing! I love the car crushing! :D
    (Saints Row 4 has it too, but since there's no reason to drive, it's not nearly as fun)
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  8. VSW


    1. The Fast and Furious isn't a good example you're using to argue against Saints 4 when it comes to realism & how an unrealistic style isn't the best thing for a franchise.

    Especially Fast and Furious went from this

    To this.

    That unrealistic style is part of what's keeping it going.

    2. Your assertion is regardless of the number of sequels, no matter how stale something becomes, no matter how repetitive it gets, people would always enjoy it simply due to the name of the franchise.

    You understand a reboot goes back to the first Fast and Furious, the franchise wouldn't grow & expand to new possibilities as it would just start all over from day 1.

    Rebooting Saints does just that & how long would it go before it rebooted again or just ended if it remained like Saints 1 & 2.

    The vehicles drove pretty much the same way, there's no off road areas & yet there was no reason to own multiple vehicles either but that doesn't stop gamers from building a collection did it.

    It's an option.

    So lets say the moment Volition announced there'd be no option to drive vehicles regardless of having the ability to jump, run, or glide long distances in Saints 4, how many gamers do you think would've had a fit over it.

    Do you think there would've been a slue of gamers upset over that even when Volition said gamers would have the ability to jump, run, or glide long distances so driving or owning vehicles is unnecessary.

    So are racing games suppose to reduce the selection of vehicles simply because of a number of types are needed. 1 Car, 1 Truck, & 1 motorcycle, no reason to have multiple vehicles because you only need 3 types.

    OH but it's a racing game, so there should be multiple vehicles to choose from right. Well in an open world sandbox title gamers should have the option to use almost anything within that gaming environment.

    Repetitiveness is what slowly kills franchises because it lacks innovation, a reboot is just a bandage.
    Even the Call of Duty franchise added some unrealistic aspects.
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  9. Quantum

    Quantum Modding patch tester

    That is realism. It's exaggerated realism, clearly, but realism never-the-less.
    I have no problem with that style. Saints Row games had exaggerated realism like that from the start. That's what I like about the earlier games.
    I think there is a certain amount of enjoyment people get from familiarity with characters they love, and a franchise they've consistently enjoyed in the past. By extrapolating from that, people could reasonably assume that those characters and their level of enjoyment would continue in future installments until proven otherwise. However, I would not agree that people love a franchise simply because of the name. If the franchise does not maintain the content they enjoy, they would rightly lose interest and look elsewhere.
    Obviously, there's a huge demand for retelling of old stories. Because, people LIKE those old stories!

    Personally, I prefer to see NEW stories. I certainly never said I want a Saints Row reboot. I like Volition's campaigns, and I've never had any complaints about those. I just want them to go back to the realistic (yes, exaggerated) style of Saints Row 3. They can do that without a reboot. They have a time machine. They have the technology. ;)

    I guess my biggest complaint is Volition keeps removing interesting things from the Saints Row games with each new game.

    Honestly, I would be extremely happy and pay $60 with no hesitation for a high quality remake of Saints Row 2 but using the latest graphics technologies, simply because that game has SO MANY fun things to do! I'd probably just skip the campaign -- well, maybe not -- just to play in that beautiful huge open world! I still play Saints Row 2, but the old graphics make me cringe when I realize how much better it would look with even Saints Row 3 technology graphics. Those old Saints Row 2 character models look horrible by comparison to Saints Row 3.
    But, without superpowers, I am forced to select one of my vehicles whenever I want to get somewhere quickly, so I always pick something different, which is a big part of the fun for me. Lots of variety. With superpowers, there's just too much temptation to simply run or fly from one side of the map to another, and, well, it just gets very boring quickly. The world just seems so small.

    I know -- you'll say it's my fault for giving in to temptation and using superpowers when I could drive. Well, I have the same problem when I see cake just sitting there on the counter. I know I would be happier later if I didn't eat the cake and had a nice salad instead, but the superpowers are just so tempting, and then I regret later that I didn't just take a car instead... :oops:
    Quite a lot, actually.
    Absolutely! It already happened with Gat Out of Hell.
    I don't disagree.
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  10. If alien invade earth for real imagine the effect it will have on the "old vs. New" saints row fans!
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