Saints Row IV DLC info thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sizustar, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Finally I can get the comic pack, the comic pack it self is glitched on the ps3 version of Saint Row 4 as the item do not even show up nor I can find it...
  2. Just a question, is there an ETA for EtD's release outside the Season Pass? (to be honest, I still don't understand if getting the Season Pass will give you instant access to those missions or you still have to wait)
  3. hoeward

    hoeward Modding patch tester

    EtD should've been released on Sept²³, but wasn't.
    I don't think I'm allowed to post the picture with that information here :D
  4. All right, I'll wait - maybe it'll be an excuse to replay the game with Female Voice 2 :D
  5. I think Snippy was snappy over the fact that our 'pre order loyalty' gave us 1 month early access to a 2 dollar/euro DLC, not so much the exclusivity.
  6. AxlRocks

    AxlRocks Modding patch tester

    Yessssssss. Now I'm just hoping the Brady Games pack and whatever the "design a weapon" contest thing turns out to be are made available to everyone also, eventually. Doubtful of either one though... but still hoping so.
  7. A little bit it just pisses me off when they say something and not keep there word and this doesn't just go with pre-order stuff its mainly with developers saying something and not promising it and then totally butt ***ing everyone

    EX: When you pre-order the game you get these exclusive prizes!!! then they just turn around and sell em for a quick buck
  8. GPZ


    I assume that they were exclusive for that time period. The only pre-order reward that appears to be truly exclusive is the TF2 pack.
  9. That's why I remain loyal to steam THEY keep there word
  10. Personally, I support it. I hate restricted content, be it timed exclusives, pre-order bonuses, or platform specific DLC. It's just a nice, acceptable way for them to say "we're only going to sell you 90% of the game". When they make ALL of the content available for a game I enjoy, I can only see it as a positive thing.

    On the other hand, I'd much rather they put that content into the base game, instead of essentially asking me to pay for it twice. But frankly, the couple bucks they want me to shell out for it is not enough to squabble over.
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