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  1. I just made a Tool to Export/Import character Informations from a Savegame.
    Its just the Character, not clothes!

    For those of you who want make a own version, the Informations are about this Offsets:

    0x5b80 Size: about 0x680 (Im not 100% sure. Maybe there are other Informations but i dont think so)
    0x7bb0 Size: about 0x600 (Same as above)


    Hopefully you like the Tool, and maybe there will be a Thread/Section for your Characters :D


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  2. Can we use this to import SR3 Chars to SR4?
  3. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    You'll need to use the character upload feature to transfer between games. Your characters remain private unless you choose to share them.

    Well, the next few posts in the thread were fun, but we were pretty much off-topic. You need to be online to use the character upload feature.
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  4. I didn't get it. What excatly it this?
  5. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    It can export your character's appearance (hair, colors, morph values, etc) to a separate file, and it can import it from that file into a different game save.
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  6. So if I did this from sr3 to sr4 will my boss have her hairstyle and jeans that arent present in sr4?
  7. No. The game would either load a default item (at best) or crash horribly (worst case scenario).
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  8. I was actually supposed to quote the character upload-to-transfer post; but yeah I gather it would hinder the same results; cheers for the answer :)
  9. Sure you can use Upload/Download method of the game.
    It was just because i was interested of the Structure, and want to messing around.
    If i would reverse the structure, i would be able to make it possible to transfer even to Sr3 (Without Clothes ofc.)

    But really, there are so much Variables, it would take much Time to do so. (Change a Variable, compare savegames, look which offset changed, find out the datatype ect.)

    The first Part is really simple made.
    I dont know exactly what it handels, but i think it handels Body Mesh (Not Face/Voice)

    Its made like this:

    DWORD #Of entrys
    (A loop)
    DWORD EntryID (0 - #Of entrys)
    float Value (The Value the Variable is set to)

    But the other parts i didnt watched at.
    Voice and Face stuff seems to be at different locations and i didnt really see any understandable structure at that parts.
  10. What is the name of Sr4 save files?
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