Saints Row 4 First Person View *ALPHA STAGE*

This works really good, it's not at all like the Just Cause 3 first person mod in which the looking around is super weird, good job creator!

Also is there any way this can work in vehicles?
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it works well when you walk and shoot but when i run the camera in underneath me clipping the road
any suggustions for a fix?

Hey i downloaded (beta) mod first person and every time when i sprint ingame my head is on the ground.. i removed my head ingame (a video was telling me this) but this issue was not fixed

i hope you can help me.. stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend! :)
hey man have you found a fix yet?

there was a small camera problem with the road and stuff but I fixed it!!
Loving the mod!

hey man have you found a fix yet?
hey nvm i found the fix
download the other First person mod and only copy the camera free file while the this first mod is installed, easy