SPOILERS Saints Row (2022) official info

Oh great, every time there's a mentor, the mentor always gets killed.

But I wonder how his death will happen.

Will he turn out like Julius and betray the Saints, making the Boss kill him?

Will he die at the hands of an enemy gang, like Lin?

Or will the Boss have to mercy kill him, like Carlos?

Or perhaps he could die while letting the others escape, like Gat?

I can't wait to find out.
I was expected after beat the last gangs there's more like ... I dunno some new ultor or something... and The question is can they offered some post game like the classic ones ?? Lets see What Volition got in August 23... I just hoping at least give some enemies like pimps respawn in the area so this enemies can make your post game not bored like SRTT.


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I would love a mentor figure. Before it was confirmed the old cast was not returning, I always had this idea of a 50+ something boomer Gat taking some youngsters under his wing to show them the ropes.
I'm suspecting there'll be tension between this old guy and Eli -- if this dude is supposed to be like their mentor figure. Eli, from what we've seen in the trailers, is always about making sure you come out on top no matter what.
what is ur feedback on boss factory? share ur experience and thoughts on it here!

2 me the biggest issue is that u can't tuck the shirt in nor hv hipsters pants so the belt can never b visible except with few specific shirts, and u also can't change the color of some clothing elements, choose a belt, and change size of individual lip or eye pupils

the 2ndary issue would b not being able 2 wear arm accessories with gloves, which is just an useless restriction

the smallest issue, but still an existent 1 2 me is the fact that loading outfits do not change ur underwear (tanktops, slippers, etc.)


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Would love to have both. Triangle for setting the base shape, and then individual sliders for advanced morphing.


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My pros and cons of the demo:
+ socks
+ eyelashes
+ hats finally don't turn your boss hair into a weird ponytail
+ clothing materials and models look really good
+ rgb colors
+ works great on my shitty PC
+ boss gallery

- presets system and lack of sliders
- eyelashes disappear if you equip glasses
- glasses disappear if you equip eyelashes
- can't wear necklaces with jackets
- can have only one piercing on brows
- there's a weird blue/purple tint on some of the clothes so black is dark blue and white is purple
- can't change nails color
- can't wear rings and braclets and the same time
- some minor bugs/clippings
- no offline mode
The tattoos are kinda lacking in variety (especially the face tattoos). I was hoping I could get something along the lines of the Stars down the side of the face from SRTT